~The Mighty~
~1217-32: Raymond Hatton & George Bancroft~
~1217-36: E.H. Calvert, Raymond Hatton, George Bancroft, Mischa Auer & O.P. Heggie~
~1217-178: George Bancroft~
~1217-145: George Bancroft~
~Plot Synopsis~
Blake Greeson (George Bancroft), a fearless gunman for mobster Sterky (Warner Oland), is drafted into
the military service and goes to war. Greeson glories in his battle victories and is admired by Jerry
Patterson (Morgan Farley), who is afraid to fight. In proving himself to Greeson, Jerry is mortally
wounded, but before dying he has Greeson promise to tell his family about his bravery. Greeson returns
home a major and a war hero, but when he accepts the position of chief of police, Louise (Esther
Ralston), Jerry's sister, disapproves. Nevertheless, when a rival gang plans a bank robbery, Greeson
sends his force to confront them, thus upholding the law and winning Louise.

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: John Cromwell    

Written by:
Grover Jones - writer
Herman J. Mankiewicz - titles
William Slavens McNutt - writer
Nellie Revell - writer

Based on a story by Robert N. Lee.

George Bancroft ...  Blake Greeson
Esther Ralston ...  Louise Patterson
Warner Oland ...  Sterky
Raymond Hatton ...  Dogey Franks
Dorothy Revier ...  Mayme
Morgan Farley ...  Jerry Patterson
O.P. Heggie ...  J.K. Patterson
Charles Sellon ...  The Mayor
E.H. Calvert ...  Major General
John Cromwell ...  Mr. Jamieson
Ernie Adams ...  Hood (uncredited)
Mischa Auer ...  Hood (uncredited)
Allan Cavan ...  Police Captain (uncredited)
Edgar Dearing ...  Doughboy (uncredited)
Jack Pennick ...  Doughboy (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Paramount Pictures

Original Music by: Oscar Potoker    
Cinematography by: J. Roy Hunt    
Film Editing by: Otho Lovering & George Nichols Jr.    
Assistant Director: Archie Hill  
Sound Recording Engineer: M.M. Paggi

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 75 Minutes
Released: November 16, 1929