~The Marriage Whirl~
~C-37-57: Corinne Griffith & Kenneth Harlan~
~C-37-64: Corinne Griffith~
~Plot Synopsis~
Marian Hale meets Arthur Carleton, a wild youth with a love of jazz and gin, who takes her to a series
of intemperate parties. Marian falls in love with Arthur, and when he promises to reform, she
becomes his wife. Arthur plays the married part for a while; but he becomes increasingly bored, and
soon their home is filled with booze and boisterousness. Marian's father sees her drunk and dies from
the shock. Arthur and Marian go to Paris, and he neglects her, conducting a romance with Toinette, a
cabaret dancer. Marian renews her acquaintance with Tom Carrol, a quiet and refined man who was
once her suitor. Arthur returns home with Toinette, and Marian finds him making love to her. She
orders them out and, in a distraught state, accidentally takes poison. Realizing her danger, she
telephones Bob, who speeds to her in time to prevent an agonizing death. Arthur and Toinette are
killed in an automobile accident, and Marian recovers and finds happiness at last with Bob.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Alfred Santell

Written by: Bradley King

Based on the play The National Anthem, a Drama in Four Acts by
Hartley Manners (New York, 1922).

Corinne Griffith ...Marian Hale
Kenneth Harlan ...Arthur Carleton
Harrison Ford ...Tom Carrol
E.J. Ratcliffe ...John J. Carleton
Charles Lane ...Reuben Hale
Edgar Norton ...Dick Mayne
Nita Naldi ...Toinette
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Corinne Griffith Productions

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Executive Producer: Corinne Griffith
Cinematography by: Ted D. McCord
Film Editing by: Cyril Gardner
Art Direction by: John Hughes
Editorial Director:
June Mathis

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: July 19, 1925