~The Man From Home~
~Anna Q. Nilsson & James Kirkwood~
~Plot Synopsis~
The Booth Tarkington-Harry Leon Wilson play was filmed once previously, in 1914, by Cecil B. DeMille
and Oscar Apfel. For the 1922 version, director George Fitzmaurice seems to have relied more on the
picturesque backgrounds -- it was filmed on location in England and Italy -- than he should have.
Genevieve Granger-Simpson (Anna Q. Nilsson) and her brother Horace (Geoffrey Kerr) go to Europe on
the fortune left to them by their father. Their guardian, Daniel Forbes Pike (James Kirkwood), stays
behind in Kokomo, Indiana. But when he hears that Genevieve is being romanced by a certain Prince
Kinsillo (Norman Kerry),who is very interested in her large dowry, Pike packs his bags and heads for
Italy -- and it just so happens that Pike loves Genevieve himself. On his way to stop her involvement with
the so-called Prince, Pike helps out a traveler who happens to be the King (John Miltern), traveling
incognito. With his help, he reveals the Prince and his supposedly royal cohorts as fakes and wins
Genevieve's heart.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: George Fitzmaurice

Written by: Ouida Bergère

Based on the play by Booth Tarkington and Harry Leon Wilson.

James Kirkwood ...  Daniel Forbes Pike
Anna Q. Nilsson ...  Genevieve Granger-Simpson
Geoffrey Kerr ...  Horace Granger-Simpson
Norman Kerry ...  Prince Kinsillo
Dorothy Cumming ...  Princess Sabina
José Ruben ...  ribière
Annette Benson ...  Faustina ribière
John Miltern ...  The King
Edward Dagnall ...  Father
Clifford Grey ...  Secretary to the King
~Remaining Credits~

Produced and Released by Paramount British Pictures

Cinematography by: Roy F. Overbaugh
Art Direction by: Alfred Hitchcock
Title Design by: Alfred Hitchcock

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: April 30, 1922
Filmed on Location in Rome, Lazio, Italy