~The Lost Battalion~
~Marion Coakley & Gaston Glass~
~Plot Synopsis~
The men in the 308th Regiment's 77th Division, have been drafted from diverse ethnic, economic, and
social groups in New York. Two men are fighting Chinatown tongs, one is a burglar (Sydney D’Albrook),
another is a wealthy merchant's son (Gaston Glass) in love with his father's stenographer (Helen
Ferguson), who dreams of becoming the greatest movie actress, another is a private (Private Abraham
Krotoshinsky) in love with the merchant's ward (Marion Coakley), and finally there is "the Kicker," (Jack
McLean) who finds fault with everything. After training in Yaphank and in France, the 463 men advance
under the command of Lt. Col. Charles W. Whittlesey (played by himself) into the "Pocket" of the
Argonne Forest, to help break down the supposedly impregnable German defense. Cut off from Allied
troops and supplies, and surrounded by the enemy, the Division, nicknamed "The Lost Battalion,"
withstands six days without food or water. When the German commander asks for their surrender,
Whittlesey replies, "Tell them to go to hell!" The Chinese rivals fight bravely side-by-side, while the
burglar dies heroically. After their rescue, the survivors are given a parade in New York, and are
reunited with their families and sweethearts.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
Directed by: Burton L. King

Written by: Charles Logue

Robert Alexander ...  Himself (as Major General Robert Alexander)
George G. McMurtry ...  Himself (as Major George G. McMurtry)
Charles W. Whittlesey ...  Himself (as Lt. Col. Charles W. Whittlesey)
William J. Cullen ...  Himself (as Captain William J. Cullen)
Arthur F. McKeogh ...  Himself - Adjutant to Col. Whittlesey (as Lt. Arthur F. McKeogh)
Augustus Kaiser ...  Himself (as Lt. Augustus Kaiser)
Jack Hershkowitz ...  Himself (as Private Jack Hershkowitz)
Philip Cepaglia ...  Himself (as Corporal Philip Cepaglia)
Herman J. Bergasse ...  Himself (as Sergeant Herman J. Bergasse)
J.J. Munson ...  Himself (as Private J.J. Munson)
Private Abraham Krotoshinisky ...  Himself
Jack McLean ...  The Kicker
Gaston Glass ...  Harry Merwin
Marion Coakley ...  Nancy Crystal, Richard Merwin's Ward
Lieutenant Jordan ...  Himself - Harry's Friend
Helen Ferguson ...  The Stenographer
Mrs. Stuart Robson ...  The Landlady
Sidney D'Albrook ...  The Burglar (as Sydney D'Albrook)
Blanche Davenport ...  The Burglar's Mother
Bessie Learn ...  The Burglar's Girl Next Door
Tammany Young ...  The Thief
J.W. Rosson ...  Himself (as Private J.W. Rosson)  
Stephen Grattan ...  (uncredited)
J.A. King ...  (uncredited)
William H. Tooker ...  German-American Father (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: MacManus Corporation

Distribution Company: W. H. Productions Company & Gardiner Syndicate

Produced by: Edward A. MacManus  
Cinematography by: Conrad Wells, Arthur A. Cadwell (uncredited), William A. Reinhart (uncredited),
William H. Tuers (uncredited), Roy Vaughn (uncredited)  
Assistant Directors: John Coleman, Leander De Cordova & Frederick F. McGuirk (all uncredited)  
Presenter: Edward A. MacManus
Assistant to Supervisor: Robert Alexander (uncredited)
Military Phases Supervisor: William J. Cullen (uncredited)
Supervisor: Edward A. MacManus (uncredited)
Assistants to Supervisor: Arthur F. McKeogh & George G. McMurtry, Harry A. Palmer & Charles W.
Whittlesey (all uncredited)

Length: 6 - 8 Reels
Released: July 2, 1919