~The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come~
~114-8: Richard Barthelmess & ?~
~114-69: Richard Barthelmess~
~114-119: Richard Barthelmess & Molly O'Day~
~114-135: Richard Barthelmess & Molly O'Day~
~114-147: Richard Barthelmess~
~114-149: Claude Gillingwater & Richard Barthelmess~
~114-151: Scene from film~
~Plot Synopsis~
Chad (Richard Barthelmess), an orphan born in Kentucky, is adopted by Major Buford (Claude
Gillingwater), who conceals his belief that the boy is his nephew. Chad is sent to school in Lexington,
and when the Civil War breaks out he joins the Union Army, losing his foster father's affection along
with that of Margaret Dean (Doris Dawson), his sweetheart back home. Chad, now a captain, finds
that his duty takes him to the town of his birth. There he rediscovers Melissa Turner (Molly O'Day),
his childhood sweetheart, and falls in love with her again. The war's end finds Major Buford dead.
Offered the major's estate if he will return to the Bluegrass region, Chad declines, preferring to
remain with Melissa.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Alfred Santell

Written by:
Dwinelle Benthall - titles
Rufus McCosh - titles
Bess Meredyth - writer

Based on the novel The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come by John
William Fox (New York, 1903).

Richard Barthelmess ...Chad Buford
Molly O'Day ...Melissa Turner
Nelson McDowell ...Old Joel Turner
Martha Mattox ...Maw Turner
Victor Potel ...Tom Turner (eldest son)
Mark Hamilton ...Dolph Turner (youngest son)
William Bertram ...Caleb Haazel (schoolmaster)
Walter P. Lewis ...Old Tad Dillon (as Walter Lewis)
Gardner James ...Daws Dillon (his son)
Ralph Yearsley ...Tad Dillon (another son)
Gustav von Seyffertitz ...Nathan Cherry
Robert Milasch ...The Circuit Rider
Claude Gillingwater ...Major Buford
David Torrence ...General Dean
Eulalie Jensen ...Mrs. Dean
Doris Dawson ...Margaret Dean (their daughter)
Walter Rodgers ...General Grant (as Walter Rogers)
~Remaining Credits~

Producted & Released by: First National Pictures

Producer: Alfred Santell
Cinematography by: Lee Garmes
Film Editing by: Hugh Bennett
Supervisor: Henry Hobart
Presenter: Richard A. Rowland

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: April 8, 1928