~The Last Moment~
~Promotional photograph by The California Theater to
promote the screening of 1923's "The Last Moment."~

Henry Hull ...  Hercules Napolean Cameron
Doris Kenyon ...  Alice Winthrop
Louis Wolheim ...  The Finn
Louis Calhern ...  Harry Gaines
William Nally ...  Big Mike
Mickey Bennett ...  Danny
Harry Allen ...  Pat Rooney
Donald Hall ...  Mr. Winthrop
Danny Hayes ...  Bartender
Jerry Peterson ...  The thing
Robert Hazelton ...  The butler
~LM-47: Henry Hull, Doris Kenyon & Louis Wolheim~
Directed by: J. Parker Read Jr.

Written by: J. Clarkson Miller

Based on the story by Jack Boyle
Horror flicks were few and far between when this melodramatic-thriller was released by Goldwyn. The
powerfully named Hercules Napoleon Cameron is, in reality, a whimpering coward. His rival for the
hand of Alice Winthrop (Doris Kenyon) is the courageous and dashing Harry Gaines (Louis Calhern). The
three of them visit a divey waterfront saloon and find themselves shanghaied. Cameron and Gaines are
forced into the service of the brutal Captain Finn (Louis Wolheim), who gives Alice the choice of either
becoming his mistress or sharing a cage with a monster that is half-man, half-beast. Before Alice can
decide which is the lesser evil, the monster escapes. Cameron finds Alice in her cabin, and when they go
up to the deck, they find that the monster has killed the whole crew. Captain Finn tries once more to
attack Alice, but he becomes the monster's next victim. Cameron and Alice dive overboard and swim
towards shore, followed by the monster. When he finally realizes the threat to his sweetheart, Cameron
finds some latent bravery and battles the beast in the water. An abalone snaps its shell down on the
monster, and Cameron and Alice land safely on shore.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: J. Parker Read Jr. Productions

Released by: Goldwyn Distributing Corporation

Produced by: J. Parker Read Jr.
Cinematography by: J.O. Taylor

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: June 7, 1923