~The Kentuckians~
~F 231-15: Monte Blue & Wilfred Lytell~
~F 231-16: Wilfred Lytell & Diana Allen~
~F 231-19: Wilfred Lytell & Diana Allen~
~F 231-36: G. H. Gilmour, Diana Allen & Wilfred Lytell~
~F 231-40: Wilfred Lytell & Diana Allen~
~Plot Synopsis~
Author John Fox was known for his tales of the Blue Grass State and its mountain people. This romantic
drama was based on one of his novels. Two men, the rugged Boone Stallard (Monte Blue) and aristocratic
Randolph Marshall (Wilfred Lytell), are rivals for the heart of Anne Bruce (Diana Allen), daughter of the
governor (J.H. Gilmore). Both men are members of the Kentucky legislature -- Stallard has won this
position because his people in the mountains want emancipation. Anne favors him because she feels that
Marshall is not a man of character. The Blue Grass aristocrats argue that the mountaineers are a crude
bunch and their feuds are a disgrace. Stallard's brother (J.W. Johnston) pretty much proves them right by
getting involved in one and killing the member of a rival family. He is sentenced to death for the murder.
Stallard, meanwhile, has gotten in a fracas with some aristocrats, and Marshall jumps in to help him out.
He also gets the sentence of Stallard's brother commuted. Anne sees all this and decides that Marshall is a
good man after all. In the end, she chooses him over Stallard.

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Directed by: Charles Maigne    

Written by:
Frank Tuttle

Based on the novel The Kentuckians by John William Fox (New York, 1897)

Monte Blue ...  Boone Stallard
Wilfred Lytell ...  Randolph Marshall
Diana Allen ...  Anne Bruce
Francis Joyner ...  Mace Keaton
J.H. Gilmour ...  Governor
John Miltern ...  Colton (journalist)
Thomas S. Brown ...  Jake Stallard
Jack W. Johnston ...  Boone's Brother
Russell Parker ...  Constable
John Carr ...  Young Keaton
Albert Hewitt ...  Young Stallard
Eugenie Woodward ...  Ma Stallard
Wes Jenkins ...  Uncle Cadmus
Grace Reals ...  Mrs. Marshall
~F231-5: Monte Blue & Jack W. Johnston~
~Monte Blue & Diana Allen~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Released by: Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: André Barlatier    
Presenter: Adolph Zukor

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: February 20, 1921