~The Invisible Foe~
~Raymond Hadley, Louise Glaum & Carlyle Blackwell~
~Plot Synopsis~
Mary and Billy are sweethearts. Mr. Stanley, the girl's father, suspects the boy of being a victim of the
drug habit. Billy, in an attempt to master his craving, abstains from the drug. He is invited to dinner at his
sweetheart's home. Stanley notices the boy's nervousness. He resolves to call upon him at his office and
learn the truth. The next day, Billy's desire for the drug becomes so intense that the moment his
employees leave the office, he brings out his hypodermic. Stanley and Mary arrive in time to see Billy
about to take the drug. They discover his terrible habit. Mary's love for Billy is so great that she resolves
to help him win his fight. The boy is taken home. Mary and her father promise to call to see him that
night. Several hours later, Billy's desire for the drug is so great that he struggles desperately with his
servant in an effort to get at the box lying on his dresser. Stanley and his daughter arrive and help subdue
the boy. Mary pleads with Billy and once again implants within him the resolve to conquer the habit. The
following day, Mary sends her sweetheart a rose. When his craving causes him untold agony. Billy
clutches the flower. It typifies the girl he loves and exerts a soothing influence over him. Several months
pass by. Each day Mary sends the boy a fresh rose. His craving grows weaker and at last Billy knows he
has conquered his invisible foe. With joy in his heart, Billy breaks the news to Mary and wins her for his

Carlyle Blackwell ...  Billy Waters - an Architect
Louise Glaum ...  Mary Stanley - Billy's Sweetheart
Raymond Hadley ...  Mr. Stanley - Mary's Father
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Kalem Company

Released by: General Film Company

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: December 13, 1913
Filmed in Glendale, California, USA
Directed by: George Melford