~The Inner Voice~
~E.K. Lincoln & Agnes Ayres~
~Plot Synopsis~
When Mark Reid (E.K. Lincoln), a young man seeking his fortune in the gold fields of California,
discovers Mike O'Hara (Riley Hatch) attempting to jump his claim, he becomes violent. However, the
Good Samaritan intervenes and prevents him from injuring O'Hara, Reid, ashamed of his behavior,
offers his adversary a share in the mine. Hearing of their good fortune, Morrison (Walter Greene), a
promoter from San Francisco, makes the partners an offer they cannot refuse. Reid goes to San
Francisco to conclude the deal and while there, meets Morrison's niece Barbara (Agnes Ayres) and the
two fall in love. Morrison learns of their engagement just as he is about to strip Reid of his profits in a
bogus stock deal. The news fails to deter him and Reid loses all his possessions, believing that Barbara
was an accomplice in her uncle's scheme. Returning to the gold fields, Reid discovers that O'Hara has
staked another successful claim and the two men renew their partnership. Reid rises in the financial
world and is about to crush Morrison, when the Good Samaritan intervenes once again, bringing
Barbara to Reid's house where his better instincts prevail.

Plot Synopsis from afi.com  
Directed by: Roy William Neill

Written by:  
Elaine S. Carrington - screenplay & story

E.K. Lincoln ...Mark Reid
Agnes Ayres ...Barbara
Fuller Mellish ...Good Samaritan
Riley Hatch ...Mike O'Hara
Walter Greene ...George Morrison
Edward Keppler ...Gilbert Dawson
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: American Cinema Corporation

Distribution Company: States Rights

Cinematography by: Ernest Haller

Length: 6-7 Reels
Released: April, 1920