~The House of Toys~
~389-32: Helen Jerome Eddy & Pell Trenton~
~Plot Synopsis~
Shirley Ward's wealthy Aunt Clara's admonition against marrying a poor man comes true when, after
several years of marriage, Shirley separates from her husband David Quentin, a struggling architect.
Shirley returns to the luxury of her aunt's lodgings, and Quentin, relinquishing his aspiration to be an
architect, accepts a job as a draftsman. Receiving the encouragement of his new employer and the
support of his co-worker Esther Sommers, Quentin finally achieves success as an architect. Meanwhile,
Shirley recognizes her selfishness and her love for her husband. Esther, although she loves Quentin,
selflessly urges him to return to his wife and assists in their reconciliation.

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Directed by: George L. Cox

Written by:
Daniel F. Whitcomb - (scenario)

Based on the novel The House of Toys by Henry Russell Miller
(Indianapolis, 1914).

Seena Owen ...Shirley Lord
Pell Trenton ...David Quentin
Helen Jerome Eddy ...Esther Summers
Lillian Leighton ...Aunt Clara
George Hernandez ...Jonathan Radbourne
Stanhope Wheatcroft ...Richard Holden
Henry A. Barrows ...Undetermined Role (as Henry Barrows)
Marian Skinner ...Undetermined Role
William Buckley ...Undetermined Role
Perry Banks ...Undetermined Role
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: American Film Company

Distribution Company:
Pathé Exchange

Assistant Director: Sidney Algier
Technical Director: S.A. Baldridge

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: May 1920