~The Heart of a Siren~
~Pro-31: Barbara La Marr~
~Pro-60: Barbara La Marr~
~Pro-74: Conway Tearle~
~Pro-161: Barbara La Marr~
~Plot Synopsis~
Barbara La Marr vamps her way through this drama, which was based on the William Hurlbut play Hail
and Farewell. Isabella Echevaria (La Marr) is an infamous seductress who is known throughout Europe.
When she arrives at a fashionable French hotel, she encounters many of her cast-off lovers, one of
whom shoots himself at her feet. None of this matters to her -- she's after Gerald Rexford (Conway
Tearle), who has been cold to her in the past. She is determined to get revenge by making him fall in love
with her. She uses every artifice to get his attention -- and when he finally does fall in love with her, she
finds that she, too, loves him back. Rexford's disapproving mother convinces Isabella that she must
break off the relationship. When Rexford's engagement to another woman is announced, Isabella
decides to swallow poison. Rexford, who discovers his mother's meddling, rushes to Isabella. Luckily,
her valet (Clifton Webb) has switched bottles on her, so Isabella hasn't really poisoned herself after all,
and the couple are reunited.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Phil Rosen    

Written by:  
Fanny Hatton - writer
Frederic Hatton - writer
Arthur Hoerl - writer

Based on the play  Hail and Farewell  by William Hurlbut (New York, 19 Feb

Barbara La Marr ...  Isabella Echevaria
Conway Tearle ...  Gerald Rexford
Harry T. Morey ...  John Strong (as Harry Morey)
Paul Doucet ...  Mario Gonzalez
Benjamin F. Finney Jr. ...  George Drew (as Ben Finney)
Florence Auer ...  Lisette - Isabella's Maid
Ida Darling ...  Mrs. Rexford - Duchess of Chatham
William Ricciardi ...  Emilio - Isabella's Uncle
Clifton Webb ...  Maxim
Florence Billings ...  Lady Louise Calvert
Michael Rayle ...  Pierre (as Mike Rayle)
Harry Semels ...  Barfly (uncredited)
Katherine Sullivan ...  Marie (uncredited)
Tammany Young ...  Pickpocket (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Associated Pictures Productions

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: Rudolph J. Bergquist
Film Editing by: Elmer J. McGovern
Art Direction by: M.P. Staulcup
Costume Design by: Charles Le Maire
Production Manager: Barney Lubin
Assistant Director: Alexander Hall
Supervisor: Arthur H. Sawyer

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: March 15, 1925