~The Half Breed~
~Plot Synopsis~
This murky, rambling Western was an adaptation of the stage play by Oliver Morosco. Cattle buyer
Delmar Spavinaw (Wheeler Oakman) is the son of an Indian mother and white father. He is rivals with
widower Ross Kennion (Hugh Thompson) for the hand of Evelyn Huntington (Mary Anderson). Evelyn
doesn't know who she wants, but her friend Dolly Pardeau (Ann May) doesn't want her running off with
Spavinaw so she tells him that Evelyn loves Kennion. Kennion, meanwhile, is trying to throw Spavinaw's
mother off her land, though Evelyn's father, a judge (Joseph Dowling), refuses to help. So Spavinaw takes
the law into his own hands and, with the help of some rough characters, ambushes Kennion and his men.
A fight ensues in which one of Kennion's men is killed and Spavinaw finds himself the one being pursued.
But he manages to make it over the border with Dolly, who has fallen in love with him.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed & Written by: Charles A. Taylor    

Based on the play  Half-Breed; a Tale of Indian Territory  by H. D. Cottrell
and Oliver Morosco (ca 1906).

Wheeler Oakman ...  Delmar Spavinaw (the halfbreed)
Ann May ...  Doll Pardeau
Mary Anderson ...  Evelyn Huntington
Hugh Thompson ...  Ross Kennion
King Evers ...  Dick Kennion
Joseph J. Dowling ...  Judge Huntington
Lew Harvey ...  The Snake
Herbert Prior ...  Ned Greenwood (as Herbert Pryor)
Sidney De Gray ...  Leon Pardeau
Nick De Ruiz ...  Juan Del Rey
Leela Lane ...  Isabelle Pardeau
Eugenia Gilbert ...  Marianne
Carl Stockdale ...  John Spavinaw
Evelyn Selbie ...  Mary
Doris Deane ...  Nanette (as Dorris Deane)
Albert S. Lloyd ...  Hops
George Kuwa ...  Kito
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Oliver Morosco Productions

Released by: Associated First National Pictures

Cinematography by: Charles G. Clarke & James C. Hutchinson
Film Editing by: Elmer J. McGovern & Charles G. Clarke
Assistant Camera: Charles G. Clarke
Presenter: Oliver Morosco

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: June 1922
Filmed on location in Newhall, Oakdale & Santa Clarita, California, USA