~The Gun Fighter~
~Plot Synopsis~
Cliff Hudspeth (William S. Hart), the leader of a band of outlaws in Arizona, has earned an infamous
reputation as a gun fighter. Cliff's dominion is being challenged, however, by El Salvador (Roy Laidlaw),
an outlaw half-breed and his gang. At the Golden Fleece saloon, Cactus Fuller (Milton Ross), El
Salvador's henchman, challenges Cliff to a shootout in which Cactus forfeits his life. Norma Wright
(Margery Wilson), the town milliner, witnesses the gunfight and denounces Cliff as a cold-blooded
murderer. Angered at Norma's accusation, Cliff seizes the girl and takes her to his cabin. There, drugged
by whiskey, Cliff reviews his life and, confronted by the shades of his victims, he pledges to Norma that
he will never kill again. Soon after, Cliff is offered a pardon if he will rid Arizona of El Salvador.
Infuriated with Cliff's new appointment, El Salvador burns the town and drags Norma away to the
mountains where Cliff rescues her and kills El Salvador, receiving a mortal wound in the battle. As
Norma rides to safety, Cliff dies, consoled in the knowledge that his last killing was in her defense.

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Directed by: William S. Hart

Written by: Monte M. Katterjohn - screenplay & story

William S. Hart ...  Cliff Hudspeth
Margery Wilson ...  Norma Wright
Roy Laidlaw ...  El Salvador
Joseph J. Dowling ...  'Ace High' Larkins
Milton Ross ...  'Cactus' Fuller
J.P. Lockney ...  Col. Ellis Lawton
George Stone ...  Jimmy Wright
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by:
Kay-Bee Pictures
New York Motion Picture

Distributed by: Triangle Distributing

Cinematography by: Joseph H. August  
Art Direction by: Robert Brunton    
Thomas H. Ince

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released:  February 11, 1917