~The Greater Glory~
~39-13: Conway Tearle~
~Plot Synopsis~
Fanny von Berg, daughter of a wealthy Viennese family, is betrothed to the aristocratic Count Maxim
von Hurtig, but when she brings disgrace to her family by entering into an escapade to aid a girl in
distress, the marriage is canceled. Her sister, Corinne, breaks off with Pauli Birbach as a result, and
Fanny becomes an outcast of respectable society. Following the outbreak of war, she is aided by
Gustav Schmidt, a dealer in war supplies and owner of a gambling establishment, and is able to give
financial aid to her family, now in dire want. Count Maxim, while visiting the gambling resort, meets
Fanny again, and his love triumphs over his scruples; but Fanny, at the plea of the count's mother,
refuses his suit and finds happiness with Gustav. The Berg family, chastened by war, famine, and
death, is again drawn together.  

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Conway Tearle ...Count Maxim von Hurtig
Anna Q. Nilsson ...Fanny
May Allison ...Corinne
Ian Keith ...Pauli Birbach
Lucy Beaumont ...Tante Ilde
Jean Hersholt ...Gustav Schmidt
Nigel De Brulier ...Dr. Hermann von Berg
Bridgetta Clark ...Mitzi von Berg
John St. Polis ...Professor Leopold Eberhardt (as John Sainpolis)
Marcia Manon ...Kaethe Eberhardt
Edward Earle ...Otto Steiner
Virginia Southern ...Liesel Steiner
Isabelle Keith ...Anna Birbach - Pauli's Wife
Kathleen Chambers ...Irma von Berg - the Stepmother
Hale Hamilton ...Leon Krum
Cora Macey ...Marie
Carrie Daumery ...Countess von Hurtig
Thur Fairfax ... Theodore von Hurtig
Boris Karloff ...Scissors Grinder
George A. Billings ...Cross Bearer (as George Billings)
Bess Flowers ...Helga
Marcelle Corday ...Maid
Billy Seay ...Gusel Von Berg
Virginia Davis ...Resi
Mary Jane Milliken ...Elsie Eberhardt - Little Girl
Louise Emmons ...Old Woman (uncredited)
Betsy Ann Hisle ...Lily (uncredited)
Florence Lawrence ...Minor Role (uncredited)
Buddy Smith ...Maxie Eberhardt (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: John W. Boyle & Arthur Martinelli
Film Editing by: George McGuire
Art Direction by: Edward Shulter
Production Manager: Ray Rockett
Presenter: Richard A. Rowland

Length: 11 Reels
Runtime: 110 Minutes
Released: May 2, 1926
Directed by: Curt Rehfeld

Written by:
June Mathis (scenario)

Based on the novel The Viennese Medley by Edith Louise O'Shaughnessy
(New York, 1924).