~The Goldfish~
~Constance Talmadge & Zasu Pitts~
~Plot Synopsis~
Pert comedienne Constance Talmadge is virtually the whole show in Goldfish. A newly married husband
(Jack Mulhall) and wife (Talmadge) make a curious agreement: should either party want to terminate the
relationship, that party will present the other one with a bowl of goldfish (there has to be some
justification for the film's title, hasn't there?) One bowl and two husbands later, the wife is at the pinnacle
of social respectability, while her songwriter ex-husband is still struggling away in poverty. Eventually,
her first husband achieves success, whereupon the woman presents her latest fiance with a bowl full of
fish and returns to hubby number one.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Jerome Storm    

Written by: C. Gardner Sullivan

Based on the play  The Goldfish  by Gladys Unger (New York, 17 Apr 1922).

Constance Talmadge ...  Jennie Wetherby
Jack Mulhall ...  Jimmy Wetherby
Frank Elliott ...  Duke of Middlesex
Jean Hersholt ...  Herman Krauss
Zasu Pitts ...  Amelia Pugsley
Edward Connelly ...  Count Nevski
William Conklin ...  J. Hmailtion Powers
Leo White ...  Casmir
Nellie Bly Baker ...  Ellen
Kate Lester ...  Mrs. Bellmore
Eric Mayne ...  The Prince
William Wellesley ...  Mr. Crane
Jacqueline Gadsden ...  Helen Crane
Percy Williams ...  Wilton
John Patrick ...  Reporter
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Constance Talmadge Film Company

Distribution Company: Associated First National Pictures

Produced by: Joseph M. Schenck  
Cinematography by: Ray Binger    
Costume Design by: Clare West   

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: March 30, 1924