~The Godless Girl~
Directed by: Cecil B. DeMille

Written by:
Jeanie Macpherson - story & titles
Beulah Marie Dix - titles

Lina Basquette ... Judy Craig - The Girl
Marie Prevost ... Mame - The Other Girl
Tom Keene ... Bob Hathaway - The Boy (as George Duryea)
Noah Beery ... The Brute
Eddie Quillan ... Samuel 'Bozo' Johnson - The Goat
Mary Jane Irving ... The Victim
Clarence Burton ... Prison Guard
Richard Alexander ... Prison Guard (as Dick Alexander)
Kate Price ... Prison Matron
Hedwiga Reicher ... Prison Matron (as Hedwig Reicher)
Julia Faye ... Inmate
Viola Louie ... Inmate
Emily Barrye ... Inmate
Jimmy Aldine (uncredited)
Vivian Bay (uncredited)
Elaine Bennett (uncredited)
Wade Boteler ... Sympathetic Policeman (uncredited)
Betty Boyd (uncredited)
Julia Brown ... Inmate (uncredited)
Archie Burke (uncredited)
Colin Chase (uncredited)
Cameron Coffey (uncredited)
Cecilia de Mille (uncredited)
Jacqueline Dyrese ... Inmate (uncredited)
George D. Ellis (uncredited)
Anielka Elter ... Inmate (uncredited)
Jim Farley ... Policeman (uncredited)
Larry Fisher (uncredited)
Mary Foy ... Prison Matron (uncredited)
Evelyn Francisco (uncredited)
Mae Giraci ... Student (uncredited)
Grace Gordon (uncredited)
Milton Holmes (uncredited)
William Humphrey ... School Principal (uncredited)
George Irving ... Prison Inspector (uncredited)
Peaches Jackson ... Student (uncredited)
Maxine Jennings ... Inmate (uncredited)
Dolores Johnson  (uncredited)
Jane Keckley ... School Vice-Principal (uncredited)
Patricia Kelly ... Inmate (uncredited)
Nora Kildare (uncredited)
Richard Lapan (uncredited)
Don Marion (uncredited)
Edith May (uncredited)
Mary Mayberry (uncredited)
Ida Mae McKenzie (uncredited)
Collette Merton (uncredited)
Buddy Messinger (uncredited)
Pat Moore (uncredited)
Jack Murphy (uncredited)
Patricia Palmer (uncredited)
Janice Peters (uncredited)
Hortense Petra ... Inmate (uncredited)
Gertrude Quality ... Matron (uncredited)
Rae Randall (uncredited)
Billie Van Every (uncredited)
Dorothy Wax (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: C.B. DeMille Productions

Distribution Company: Pathé Exchange

Producer: Cecil B. DeMille
Music by: Hugo Riesenfeld
Cinematography by: J. Peverell Marley
Film Editing by: Anne Bauchens
Casting by: Louis Goodstadt
Art Direction by:
Mitchell Leisen
Costume Design by: Adrian
Assistant Directors: Frank Urson and Curt Rehfeld
Properties: Roy Burns
Assistant Camera: James V. King
Assistant Photographers: Franklin McBride and Fred Westerberg
Technical Director: George D. Ellis
Researcher: Elizabeth McGaffey
Technical Engineer: Paul Sprunck

Length: 12 Reels
Runtime: 128 Minutes
Released: March 31, 1929
~Plot Synopsis~
Judith Craig, the daughter of an atheist, forms a club called The Godless Society in her high school
the atheists, and there is a riot. Grace is killed as a direct consequence of this disturbance, and Bob
and Judith are sent to the state reformatory. Bob and Judith are badly treated by the head guard, and
Bob, attacking the grocery man, escapes with Judith in his wagon. They are quickly recaptured and
locked in cells. A fire breaks out, and Bob rescues both Judith and the head guard. As a result of this
selfless bravery, Bob and Judith are returned to freedom, facing life with a renewed faith in Divine