~The Goat~
~263-8: Rhea Mitchell & Fred Stone~
~263-10: Fred Stone~
~263-12: Fred Stone~
~263-15: unknown, Ernest Joy, Fred Stone & Philo McCullough~
~263-16: Ernest Joy, Philo McCullough, Fred Stone and unknown~
~263-21: Rhea Mitchell & Fred Stone~
~263-25: Winifred Greenwood, unknown & Fred Stone~
~263-30: Charles Ogle, Fred Stone  & Rhea Mitchell~
~263-37: Fred Stone & Rhea Mitchell~
~263-38: Fanny Midgely & Fred Stone~
~263-41: Fred Stone and cast - don't miss Ramon Novarro in one of his first films (directly behind
Fred in a straw hat)~
~263-49: Fred Stone, Rhea Mitchell & Cast~
~Plot Synopsis~
Chuck McCarthy, an intrepid young ironworker, longs to become an actor, despite the protests of his
girl, Molly O'Connors, and his family. In dashing up the frame of a building to catch actress Bijou
Lamour's runaway pet monkey, he attracts the attention of the studio managers, who make him a
stunt man. For a time Charles is happy executing life-risking feats and strutting around in new
clothes, although the company laughs at him behind his back. When leading man Marmaduke X.
Caruthers refuses to perform a particularly dangerous stunt in a war film, Chuck doubles for him and
is seriously injured. The studio manager, who recognizes in the incident an opportunity to promote
his star, quickly wraps Marmaduke in bandages and sends him to the hospital, while Chuck is
secretly removed through the back door. The next day, the Filmcraft Company sends Chuck a check
for $1,000 to keep quiet about the accident. He and Molly use the money on their honeymoon to
Niagara Falls.

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Donald Crisp

Written by:
Frances Marion - (screenplay & story)

Fred Stone ...Chuck McCarthy
Fanny Midgley ...Mrs. McCarthy (as Fannie Midgley)
Charles McHugh ...Mr. McCarthy
Rhea Mitchell ...Bijou Lamour
Sylvia Ashton ...The Baby Vampire
Philo McCullough ...Marmaduke X. Caruthers
Winifred Greenwood ...Molly O'Connors
Charles Ogle ...Director Graham
Ernest Joy ...Studio Manager
Clarence Geldart ...Casting Director
Noah Beery ...Cowboy (uncredited)
Ramon Novarro ...(uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Distribution Companies:
Artcraft Pictures Corporation
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Cinematography by: Henry Kotani
Production Design by: Wilfred Buckland
Assistant Director: William Horwitz
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: September 29, 1918