~The Girl in the Limousine~
~24-7: Claire Adams, Lucille Ward & Larry Semon~

Larry Semon ...  Tony
Claire Adams ...  The Girl
Charles Murray ...  The Butler
Lucille Ward ...  Aunt Cicily
Larry Steers ...  Dr. Jimmy
Oliver Hardy ...  Freddie
Florence Gilbert ...  Bernice
~24-1: Claire Adams, Lucille Ward, Oliver Hardy & Larry Semon~
~Plot Synopsis~
In his first feature-length comedy, white-faced Larry Semon starred as a milquetoast who gets involved
with a gang of thieves. Through no fault of his own, Larry ends up in the home of his childhood rival
(Oliver Hardy), a fact that the lady of the house (Claire Adams) has a terrific time explaining. The "girl" of
the title is not a girl at all, but a man in drag used by the thieves to lure potential victims into their car to
be robbed. The Girl in the Limousine was adapted from a stage farce by Avery Hopwood and Wilson
Cullison. Semon, still wearing the white clown make-up and bib-overalls as in his previous 2-reeler for
Vitagraph, produced and co-directed the film, which was financed by producer I.E. Chadwick and
released on the First National exchanges. A major critical and box-office disappointment, The Girl in the
Limousine began Semon's swift decline, which ended in the comic's premature death from alcoholism
and pneumonia in 1928. Playing a childhood pal of Semon's but looking much younger, Oliver Hardy was
still a couple of years away from his historical partnership with Stan Laurel.

Plot Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Larry Semon & Noel M. Smith

Written by: C. Graham Baker - writer

Based on the play "The Girl in the Limousine, a Farce," by Wilson Collison
and Avery Hopwood
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Chadwick Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Associated First National Pictures

Supervising Producer: Leon Lee
Produced by:
Larry Semon
Cinematography by: Hans F. Koenekamp        
Presenter: I.E. Chadwick

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: July 20, 1924