~The Fire Patrol~
~Plot Synopsis~
This seafaring melodrama was based on the Harkins and Barber stage play by the same name. His ship
capsized in a storm, Captain John Ferguson, his wife, Mary (Anna Q. Nilsson), and their little boy are
picked up by a pirate ship manned by the brutal Butch Anderson (Jack Richardson). Anderson thrashes
Ferguson, blinding him, and then sets him and his son adrift, keeping Mary on board. Mary commits
suicide rather than submit to Anderson. Ferguson's son, Colin (John Harron), grows up and joins the
coast fire patrol. He is in love with Molly Thatcher (Madge Bellamy), but Molly's scheming sister, Emma
(Helen Jerome Eddy), wants him for herself. Emma seduces Colin just as a fire at sea is breaking out, and
because he misses the call, he is disgraced. One of the men rescued is Anderson, and he goes after Molly.
Captain Ferguson (played as an old man by Spottiswood Aitken) is able to mete out punishment to his
old adversary, and when Emma is shot, Colin and Molly are able to reunite.

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Directed by: Hunt Stromberg    

Written by: Garrett Fort

Based on the play The Fire Patrol by James W. Harkins, Jr., Edwin Barbour
(Worcester, 1891).

Anna Q. Nilsson ...  Mary Ferguson
Will Jeffries ...  Captain John Ferguson (prologue)
Spottiswoode Aitken ...  Captain John Ferguson
Jack Richardson ...  'Butch' Anderson
Madge Bellamy ...  Molly Thatcher
Helen Jerome Eddy ...  Emma Thatcher
Dick Brandon ...  Colin Ferguson (prolog)
John Harron ...  Colin Ferguson (later)
Gale Henry ...  Alice Masters
Frances Ross ...  Village Belle
Chester Conklin ...  Fireman
Bull Montana ...  Fireman
Charles Murray ...  Fireman (as Charlie Murray)
Heinie Conklin ...  Fireman (uncredited)
Billy Franey ...  Fireman (uncredited)
Hank Mann ...  Fireman (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Hunt Stromberg Productions

Distribution Company: Chadwick Pictures Corporation

Executive Producer: I.E. Chadwick
Producer: Hunt Stromberg  
Cinematography by: Silvano Balboni

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: August 15, 1924