~The Fight~
~Mar10-1: (center) Hallam Cooley~
~Mar10-2: (center) Hallam Cooley~
~Mar10-11: ?, Earle Foxe, ? ~
~Mar10-13: Florence Gilbert & Earle Foxe~
~Mar10-17 Earle Foxe & Cast ~
~Plot Synopsis~
~No Plot Synopsis seems to be available for this film, but SilentHollywood.com will continue looking!~
Directed by: George Marshall    

Written by:
Richard Harding Davis - story
Robert P. Kerr -  scenario

Earle Foxe ...  Van Bibber
Florence Gilbert   
Frank Bell   
Hallam Cooley   
Tom O'Brien   
Carol Wines
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Fox Film Corporation (as Van Bibber Comedies)

Distributed by: Fox Film Corporation

Released: August 24, 1924