~The Divine Lady~
~127-27: Corinne Griffith~
~128-236: Corinne Griffith & Victor Varconi~
~128-251: Corinne Griffith & Montagu Love~
~Plot Synopsis~
In 1782, Emma Hart, the beautiful daughter of a cook hired by artist George Romney, is courted by his
friend, Charles Greville, but later marries Greville's uncle William, Lord Hamilton, the British
ambassador to the Court of Naples. Despite the differences in their ages and social positions, Emma
and Lord Hamilton are happy, and Emma becomes a confidante of the Queen of Naples. Years later,
Emma meets English Capt. Horatio Nelson and, during the Napoleonic wars, is instrumental in
gaining royal permission for him to take on badly needed water and provisions at Naples. Although
initially denying their feelings, Nelson and Emma soon become lovers and live openly together.
Nelson's naval victories against the French, and Emma's help to the British government during the
war, lead to their return to London where they are cheered by crowds. However, because of their
adulterous relationship, Emma is snubbed by English society and shunned by her husband. After
Emma is denied an invitation to a royal ball in Nelson's honor, Nelson leaves his wife Fanny and
retires to his country estate with Emma. They are happy for a while, but duty later calls Nelson away
to head the British fleet. Although he again defeats the French, Nelson is badly wounded and dies at
the Battle of Trafalgar, surrounded by his loyal men and thinking of Emma.  

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~128-133: Corinne Griffith & Victor Varconi~
~Corinne Griffith & Victor Varconi~
~128-134: Corinne Griffith & Victor Varconi~
~Corinne Griffith~
~On the set of The Divine Lady~
~Frank Lloyd and his Oscar for Best Director of
The Divine Lady~
Directed by: Frank Lloyd

Written by:
Forrest Halsey - adaptation
Agnes Christine Johnston - continuity
Harry Carr - titles
Edwin Justus Mayer - titles

Based on the novel The Divine Lady; a Romance of Nelson and Emma
Hamilton by E. Barrington (New York, 1924).

Corinne Griffith ...Lady Emma Hart Hamilton
Victor Varconi ...Horatio Nelson
H.B. Warner ...Sir William Hamilton
Ian Keith ...Honorable Charles Greville
Marie Dressler ...Mrs. Hart
Montagu Love ...Capt. Hardy
William Conklin ...George Romney
Dorothy Cumming ...Queen Maria Carolina of Naples
Michael Vavitch ...King Ferdinand of Naples
Evelyn Hall ...Duchess of Devonshire
Helen Jerome Eddy ...Lady Fanny Nelson
Ben Alexander ...Young lieutenant
Godfrey Craig ...Powder Monkey
Howard Hickenlooper ...Powder Monkey
Joan Bennett ...Extra (uncredited)
Andy Devine ...Extra (uncredited)
Mary Foy ...Harridan Neighbor (uncredited)
Harold Goodwin ...Coach Driver who Kisses Emma (uncredited)
Julia Swayne Gordon ...Duchess of Argyle (uncredited)
Walter James ...One of Nelson's Ship's Officers (uncredited)
Bob Kortman ...Sailor Upset at Rotten Food (uncredited)
Joel McCrea ...Extra (uncredited)
Louis Mercier ...Frenchman Rallying a Mob (uncredited)
Robert Parrish ...Powder Monkey (uncredited)
Gil Perkins ...Extra (uncredited)
Charles Thurston ...Bit Role (uncredited)
Grant Withers ...One of Nelson's Ship's Officers (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: First National Pictures

Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures

Producer: Frank Lloyd
Producer: Walter Morosco
Executive Producer: Richard A. Rowland
Original Music by: Cecil Copping
Cinematography by: John F. Seitz
Film Editing by: Hugh Bennett
Art Direction by: Horace Jackson
Set Decoration by: Ray Moyer
Makeup Artists: Fred Carlton Ryle & Bert Sutch
Third Assistant Director: Thornton Freeland
Assistant Director: James Townsend
Special Effects by: Harry Redmond Sr.
Stunts: Gil Perkins
Associate Photographer: Ralph Hammeras
Associate Photographer: Alvin Knechtel
Costume Director: Max Rée
Presenter: Richard A. Rowland

Length: 12 Reels
Runtime: 98 Minutes
Released: April 14, 1929
~Corinne Griffith~