~The Death Song~
AKA The Dance to Death

Produced by: Pathé Frères

Released by: General Film Company

Cinematography by: Guido Seeber
Reconstruction by: Stefan Drössler

2 Part Serial
Released: October 23, 1913
Filmed in Babelsberg Atelier, Neubabelsberg, Brandenburg, Germany
Bella is married to engineer Burk who meets with an accident. To provide an income she starts as a
performer, but happen to meet an infatuated, intriguing composer. On the brink of marital ruin, she kills
the composer.
~Plot Synosis~
Written and Directed by: Urban Gad

Asta Nielsen ... Bella Burk
Oskar Fuchs ... Ingenieur Burk
Fritz Weidemann ... Komponist Czerneck
Fred Immler
Emil Albes