~The Day of Faith~
~Promotional photograph by The California Theater to promote
the screening of "The Day of Faith," in 1923~

Eleanor Boardman ...  Jane Maynard
Tyrone Power Sr. ...  Michael Anstell (as Tyrone Power)
Raymond Griffith ...  Tom Barnett
Wallace MacDonald ...  John Anstell
Ford Sterling ...  Montreal Sammy
Heinie Conklin ...  Yegg Darby (as Charles Conklin)
Ruby Lafayette ...  Granny Maynard
Jane Mercer ...  Red Johnston's child
Edward Martindel ...  Uncle Mortimer
Winter Hall ...  Bland Hendricks
Emmett King ...  Simmons
Jack Curtis ...  Red Johnson
Frederick Vroom ...  Marley Maynard
John Curry ...  Isaac
Henry Hebert ...  Samuel Jackson (as Henry Herbert)
Miles McCarthy ...  Kelly (as Myles McCarthy)
Robert Dudley ...  Morris
Frances Hatton   
Mattie Peters
~187-111: Jane Mercer & Ford Sterling~
This drama was an early starring vehicle for fledgling star (Eleanor Boardman), and it was given a
haunting directoral approach by Tod Browning, who hadn't yet devoted himself completely to horror
films. After the death of philanthropist Blank Hendricks (Winter Hall), Jane Maynard (Boardman) devotes
her life to his institution, which helps the needy with the philosophy, "Thy neighbor as thyself." John
Anstell (Wallace MacDonald), whose father, Michael (Tyrone Power Sr.), is a formidable financial force,
falls in love with Jane. Michael, who does not approve of the relationship, tries to ruin the Foundation by
discrediting it in the press, and when that doesn't work, he attempts to use his financial power to destroy
it. The many who have been helped by the Foundation retaliate by killing John. The grieving Anstell
comes to realize that Jane really is doing good work and he reforms. Jane, meanwhile, finds happiness
with Tom Barnett (Raymond Griffith).

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
~Plot Synopsis~
Directed by: Tod Browning

Written by:
Katharine Kavanaugh - adaptation
June Mathis  - adaptation

Based on the novel by Arthur Somers Roche
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Released by: Goldwyn-Cosmopolitan Distributing Corporation

Producer: Samuel Goldwyn
Cinematography by: William Fildew
Art Direction by: Cedric Gibbons
Costume Design by: Sophie Wachner
Assistant Director: Errol Taggart
Still Photographer: Clarence Sinclair Bull
Assistant Camera: Paul Kerschner
Supervising Editor: June Mathis

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: October 21, 1923