~Theda Bara~

Born: July 29, 1885 in Avondale, Ohio, USA
Died: April 7, 1955 in Los Angeles, California, USA
~Candid Portrait of Theda Bara in her dressing
room with Director Harry Edwards (to her left)
and unknown gentleman to her right~
Although publicized as an Egyptian of royal lineage, silent film actress Theda Bara was actually born
Theodosia Goodman in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her exotic good looks brought her to the attention of Fox
studios in 1914; reasoning that there were too many sweet little ingenues in films of that period, Fox
decided to create a worldly "vamp" character, a woman who could destroy men with little more than a
sexy glance. The studio changed Theodosia's name to Theda Bara (which coincidentally was an anagram
for "Arab Death"), casting her in a liberal adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's A Fool There Was(1914). She
became Fox's biggest star, appearing in as many as ten feature films per year, including Salome (1918)
and Cleopatra (1918). Her somewhat overripe histrionics became out of fashion by 1920, so she retired
from acting to married life; Bara resurfaced in a "so bad it's good" Broadway play The Blue Flame, then
made an unsuccessful film comeback attempt in 1925. Her last screen work was in a two-reel lampoon
of her vamp character, Madame Mystery (1926), directed by, of all people, Stan Laurel. Though happily
married and fabulously wealthy, Bara never gave up the dream that she might someday return to screen
glory; at the time of her death in 1955, Hollywood's casting service directories still listed the actress as
"at liberty."

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
Madame Mystery (1926) .... Madame Mysterieux
The Unchastened Woman (1925) .... Caroline Knollys
The Prince of Silence (1921)

La belle Russe (1919) .... Fleurett Sackton/La Belle Russe
Kathleen Mavourneen (1919) .... Kathleen Cavanagh
A Woman There Was (1919) .... Princess Zara ... Movie Still Code: E-32-X
When Men Desire (1919) .... Marie Lohr
The Siren's Song (1919) .... Marie Bernais
The Light (1919) .... Blanchette Dumond, aka Madame Lefresne
The Lure of Ambition (1919) .... Olga Dolan
Salome (1918) .... Salome
When a Woman Sins (1918) .... Lilian Marchard / Poppea
Under the Yoke (1918) .... Maria Valverda
The Soul of Buddha (1918) .... Priestess
The Forbidden Path (1918) .... Mary Lynde
The She Devil (1918) .... Lorette
Madame Du Barry (1917) .... Jeanne Vaubernier
... aka Du Barry (USA)
Cleopatra (1917) .... Cleopatra
Camille (1917/I) .... Marguerite Gauthier
Heart and Soul (1917) .... Jess
Her Greatest Love (1917) .... Hazel
... aka Redemption (UK)
The Tiger Woman (1917) .... Princess Petrovitch
... aka Behind the Throne
The Darling of Paris (1917) .... Esmaralda
The Rose of Blood (1917) .... Lisza Tapenka
The Vixen (1916) .... Elsie Drummond
... aka The Love Pirate
Romeo and Juliet (1916/I) .... Juliet
Her Double Life (1916) .... Mary Doone
Under Two Flags (1916) .... Cigarette
East Lynne (1916) .... Lady Isabel Carlisle
The Eternal Sappho (1916) .... Laura Bruffins
... aka Bohemia
Gold and the Woman (1916) .... Theresa Decordova
The Serpent (1916) .... Vania Lazar
... aka Fires of Hate (UK)
Destruction (1915) .... Fernade
The Galley Slave (1915) .... Francesca Brabaut
Carmen (1915/II) .... Carmen
Sin (1915) .... Rosa
Lady Audley's Secret (1915/I) .... Helen Talboys
... aka Secrets of Society
The Two Orphans (1915) .... Henriette
The Devil's Daughter (1915) .... La Gioconda
The Clemenceau Case (1915) .... Iza
Kreutzer Sonata (1915) .... Celia Friedlander
... aka Sonata (UK)
A Fool There Was (1915) .... The Vampire
Siren of Hell (1915)
The Stain (1914) (as Theodosia Goodman) .... Gang moll