~The Crisis~
~Plot Synopsis~
Birth of a Nation came out the year before this ten-reel spectacular about the Civil War was released, but
that wasn't the only reason the Selig studios made it -- considering that, in the mid-1910s, hundreds of
thousands of people had fathers or grandfathers who fought in the war, it's no surprise the subject was
popular. In addition, it was based on a book by then-famous American author Winston Churchill (who
had the same name as a certain English statesman). Although it spends more time on illustrating the
history of the Civil War (at least, the way it was seen in the early part of the twentieth century) than on
being entertainment, the film did have some high points. Tom Mix was hired especially to do a thrilling
horse stunt in one of the battle scenes, and George Fawcett, as Judge Silas Whipple, plays one of his most
sympathetic heavies. Also notable was Sam D. Drane's resemblance to the character he played --
Abraham Lincoln (Drane, incidentally, died shortly after he completed filming). Overblown but not
particularly engrossing, The Crisis did not make cinematic history.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Colin Campbell

Written by:
Colin Campbell - scenario

Based on the novel by Winston Churchill

George Fawcett ...  Judge Silas Whipple
Matt Snyder ...  Col. Comyn Carvel (as Matt B. Snyder)
Bessie Eyton ...  Virginia Carvel
Tom Santschi ...  Stephen Brice
Eugenie Besserer ...  Mrs. Brice
Marshall Neilan ...  Clarence Colfax
Frank Weed ...  Eliphalet Hopper
Will Machin ...  Lige Brent
Sam D. Drane ...  Abraham Lincoln
Cecil Holland ...  General W.T. Sherman
Leo Pierson ...  Jack Brinsmade
George Snyder   
Frank Green   
Alfred E. Green  (as Al Green)
Wheeler Oakman ...  (unconfirmed)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Selig Polyscope Company

Distribution Company: Sherman-Elliott Inc.

Produced by: William Nicholas Selig
Music by: Michel Mowschine
Cinematography by: G. McKenzie
Music Arranger: Michel Mowschine   
Distribution Manager: Harry Sherman

Length: 10 Reels
Runtime: 100 Minutes
Released: December 1916
Filed on location in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and Vicksburg National Military Park - 3201 Clay
Street, Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA