~The Branding Iron~
~Barbara Castleton~
~Plot Synopsis~
Domestic issues take center stage in this sensationalistic Western directed by Reginald Barker for
Goldwyn. A young woman (Barbara Castleton) escapes her homicidal father by marrying a rancher
(Russell Simpson). History repeats itself, however, and the rancher turns out to be a brute who actually
marks his own wife with a branding iron. The desperate woman is rescued by a visiting New York author
(James Kirkwood) who kills the husband. Returning to New York, the author turns into another
Pygmalion, creating a silk purse out of a sow's ear, as it were. The trade-paper Harrison's Reports termed
this cinematic mess "a powerful story masterly handled."

Plot Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Reginald Barker

Written by: J.G. Hawks - scenario

Based on the novel "The Branding Iron" by Katharine Newlin Burt (New
York, 1919).

Barbara Castleton ...  Joan Carver
James Kirkwood ...  Pierre Landis
Russell Simpson ...  John Carver
Richard Tucker ...  Prosper Gael
Sidney Ainsworth ...  Jasper Morena
Gertrude Astor ...  Betty Morena
Alan Roscoe ...  Reverend Frank Holliwell (as Albert Roscoe)
Marion Colvin ...  Mrs. Upper
Joan Standing ...  Maude Upper
Louie Cheung ...  Wen Ho
~Barbara Castleton~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Goldwyn Pictures Corporation
Reginald Barker Productions

Distribution Company: Goldwyn Distributing Company

Cinematography by: Percy Hilburn
Film Editing by: J.G. Hawks
Presenter: Samuel Goldwyn

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: November 1920