~The Bottom Of The Well~
~Plot Synopsis~
This capital-versus-labor drama has a novel twist. When a British ship captures an American smuggling
craft, everyone escapes except for one little boy, who is assumed to be the son of Captain Jake Stark (Ned
Finley). The boy is adopted by the military governor of Kingston and later taken to London where he
grows up. As a young man, now called Stanley Deane (Evart Overton), he falls in love with Alice
Buckingham (Agnes Ayres), whose father (Bigelow Cooke) is a wealthy mill owner from New York City.
Buckingham is told that Deane, who is studying law, is a smuggler's son. The workers at Buckingham's
mill are ready to revolt and Deane tries to help them out. When Buckingham discovers that the young
man is aligned with the workers, he reveals his past to Alice and turns her against him. The angry
workers plot to blow up Buckingham's home, and Deane dashes in to save Alice just before the
explosion. Buckingham is assumed dead, and Dean, along with a number of workers, are tried for his
murder. At this juncture Stark shows up to reveal that Deane is actually the son of a Boston banker. Stark
and the banker arrive just as Deane and the others are being convicted. But one of the men tosses off his
disguise, and he turns out to be Buckingham himself. He takes the blame for his worker's frustrations and
everyone goes free. Since Deane's family history is eminently respectable, he is welcomed into the
Buckhingham household.

Plot Synopsis by: Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: John S. Robertson

Written by:
Frederick Upham Adams - novel
Eugene Mullin - writer

Evart Overton ...  Stanley Deane
Agnes Ayres ...  Alice Buckingham
Adele DeGarde ...  Dorothy Farnsworth
Ned Finley ...  Captain Jake Starke
Herbert Prior ...  'Long Bill' Parker (as Herbert Pryor)
Robert Gaillard ...  David Thomas
Alice Terry ...  Anita Thomas
Bigelow Cooper ...  Amos Buckingham
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Vitagraph Company of America

Cinematography by: Jules Cronjager  & William McCoy
Presenter: Albert E. Smith

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes (approximately)
Released: October 22, 1917