~The Blue Eagle~
~Ford-19-105: Janet Gaynor, George O’Brien & Margaret Livingston~

George O'Brien ...  George Darcy
Janet Gaynor ...  Rose Kelly
William Russell ...  Big Tim Ryan
Margaret Livingston ...  Mrs. Mary Rohan
Robert Edeson ...  Chaplain Regan, aka Father Joe
Philip Ford ...  Limpy Darcy (as Phillip Ford)
David Butler ...  Nick 'Dizzy' Galvani
Lew Short ...  Sergeant Kelly
Ralph Sipperly ...  Slats 'Dip' Mulligan
Jerry Madden ...  Baby Tom
Jack Herrick ...  'On Da Nose' Sailor (uncredited)
Jack Pennick ...  Ship's crewman (uncredited)
Charles Sullivan ...  Sailor Giving George Boxing Gloves (uncredited)
Harry Tenbrook ...  Bascom, a Stoker (uncredited)
Written by:
Gerald Beaumont  - story "The Lord's Referee"
Malcolm Stuart Boylan - titles
Gordon Rigby - writer (as L.G. Rigby)
George D'Arcy and Tim Ryan, rival leaders of neighborhood gangs, become stokers and watertenders on a
U. S. battleship during the World War. For a time, their rivalry over politics, social affairs, and the same
girl--Rose--is held in check by discipline, but their parish priest, Father Joe, the ship's chaplain, finally
decides to let them fight it out in the ring. Their fight is interrupted, however, by a submarine attack,
which is repelled. After the war the feud continues until narcotics smugglers kill one of George's brothers
and shoot Tim's buddy; together they storm the smugglers' stronghold and blow up their submarine.
Later, under the supervision of Father Joe, a fight is staged, and George is the victor.

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~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Produced by: John Ford
Cinematography by: George Schneiderman & Arthur Edeson
Assistant Director: Edward O'Fearna
Wardrobe: Sam Benson
Presenter: William Fox

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 58 Minutes
Released: September 12, 1926