~The Black Sheep of the Family~
~Gilmore Hammond, Paul Byron and Cast~
~Plot Synopsis~
Although Kenneth Carmont (Jack Holt) and Esther Saunders (Francelia Billington), criminal Bert
Saunders' (Paul Byron) sister, love each other, Esther marries detective Elwood Collins (Gilmore
Hammond), who agrees to stop pursuing Bert if she accepts his proposal. One night, Kenneth and Esther
hide Bert, who has escaped from the police. The same night, Kenneth's father (C. Norman Hammond) is
murdered. The evidence implicates Kenneth, who cannot supply his whereabouts at the time of the
crime, as that would give away Bert. Esther cannot clear Kenneth for the same reason, and because it
would let her husband know that she was with her former sweetheart. A jury finds Kenneth guilty, but
after wrestling with her conscience, Esther tells the court that she was with Kenneth on the night of the
murder. The real killer confesses, and Elwood realizes that his wife is no longer interested in Kenneth,
but only wanted to help her brother.  

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Directed by: Jay Hunt    

Written by:
Frank Wiltermood
Jay Hunt

Francelia Billington ...  Esther Saunders
Jack Holt ...  Kenneth Carmont
Gilmore Hammond ...  Elwood Collins
Paul Byron ...  Bert Saunders
Mina Jeffreys ...  Bertha Carmont
C. Norman Hammond ...  Madison Carmont
Florence Hale ...  Mrs. Carmont
Hector Sarno ...  Simon Hathaway
William Musgrave ...  Louis Dairymple
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: October 23, 1916
Auto Race scenes filmed in Corona, California, USA