~The Black Pirate~
~Plot Synopsis~
A Spanish vessel is captured on the high seas by pirates who bind the crew and loot and blow up the
ship. The only survivors are Michel and his father: they are marooned on a desert island, and when his
father dies, Michel swears to avenge his death. He joins a pirate band and proves himself by capturing a
merchant ship singlehanded; thereafter, he is known as The Black Pirate. Falling in love with a girl (The
Princess) on the captured ship, he saves her by keeping her hostage and holding her for ransom, but he
is caught in an attempt to escape and is forced to walk the plank. Swimming ashore, he returns with a
boatload of men to rescue The Princess; the crew scuttle the ship, and, swimming underwater, Michel
and his men storm the pirate vessel and capture it. Michel reveals that he is a Spanish duke and offers
his hand in marriage to The Princess, which she accepts.  

Plot Synospis from afi.com
Directed by: Albert Parker

Written by:
Douglas Fairbanks - story
Jack Cunningham - adaptation

Douglas Fairbanks ...  The Duke of Arnoldo aka The Black Pirate
Billie Dove ...  Princess Isobel
Anders Randolf ...  Pirate Captain
Donald Crisp ...  MacTavish
Tempe Pigott ...  Duenna
Sam De Grasse ...  Pirate Lieutenant
Charles Stevens ...  Powder man
Charles Belcher ...  Chief passenger (Nobleman)
E.J. Ratcliffe ...  The Governor
Fred Becker ...  Pirate
Nino Cochise ...  Pirate  
Barry Norton ...  Youth
Mary Pickford ...  Princess Isobel in Final Embrace (cameo appearance)
John Wallace ...  Peg-Leg Pirate
~Douglas Fairbanks & Billie Dove~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Elton Corporation

Distribution Company: United Artists

Produced by: Douglas Fairbanks  
Original Music by: Mortimer Wilson    
Cinematography by: Henry Sharp    
Film Editing by: William Nolan    
Production Design by: Carl Oscar Borg (uncredited)  
Art Direction by:Carl Oscar Borg (supervising art director) &  
Edward M. Langley (uncredited)  
Set Decoration by: Jack Holden (uncredited)  
Makeup Artist: George Westmore
Makeup for Mr. Fairbanks: Robert Stephanoff (uncredited)  
Production Manager: Theodore Reed  
Associate Artists: Jack Holden & Edward M. Langley  
Stunts by:
Richard Talmadge
Fencing Master: Fred Cavens
General Manager: Robert Fairbanks
Consultants: Dwight Franklin & Robert Nichols
Marine Technician: P.H.L. Wilson
Research Director: Arthur Woods
Scenario Editor: Lotta Woods
Boat Wrangler: Hertzel Effensachs (uncredited)
Assistant to Mr. Fairbanks: Charles Lewis (uncredited)

Runtime: 94 Minutes
Released: March 8, 1926
Filmed on location in Santa Catalina Island, Channel Islands, California, USA
~Douglas Fairbanks~