~The Black Bag~
~3764-15 Virginia Valli~
~Plot Synopsis~
This mystery is based on the novel by Louis Joseph Vance. While on vacation, Billy Kirkwood (Herbert
Rawlinson) meets pretty Dorothy Calender (Virginia Valli) when she dashes alone into the restaurant
where he is dining. Dorothy, who is in possession of a valuable necklace, is trying to avoid a strange man
who seems to be pursuing her. Kirkwood attends a summer resort on Long Island so he can continue to
see Dorothy, but he is told she is a crook. When he finds the necklace in Dorothy's room he really
believes that she is a thief and steals it himself so that he can return it to the jewelry store. When Dorothy
finds the necklace missing, she assumes that Kirkwood is a burglar and sets the police after him. Only
after they take him in does the whole truth come out -- the strange man who was following Dorothy is
the thief. The necklace is hers -- she got it from her uncle's jewelry shop. Incidentally, it was quite
obvious to those who were familiar with Long Island that this picture was filmed in California.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Stuart Paton    

Written by:
George Hively - writer
Bernard H. Hyman - adaptation

Based on the novel  The Black Bag  by Louis Joseph Vance (Indianapolis,

Herbert Rawlinson ...  Billy Kirkwood
Virginia Valli ...  Dorothy Calender
Bert Roach ...  Mulready
Clara Beyers ...  Mrs. Hallam
Charles King ...  Freddie Hallam
Herbert Fortier ...  Samuel Brentwick
Lew Short ...  Burgoyne
John B. O'Brien ...  Martin
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Cinematography by: Virgil Miller & Irving B. Ruby

Length: 5 Reels
Released: June 5, 1922