~The Barker~

Milton Sills ...  Nifty Miller
Dorothy Mackaill ...  Lou
Betty Compson ...  Carrie
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. ...  Chris Miller
Sylvia Ashton ...  Ma Benson
George Cooper ...  Hap Spissel
S.S. Simon ...  Col. Gowdy
John Erwin ...  Sailor West
One-Eye Connelly   
Tom Dugan ...  Stuttering Spieler
Bobby Dunn ...  Hamburger Concessionaire (uncredited)
Pat Harmon ...  Heckler (uncredited)
Bynunsky Hyman ...  Fire Eater (uncredited)
Gladden James ...  Member of Hawaiian Trio (uncredited)
Charles Sullivan ...  Man in Audience (uncredited)
Pat West ...  Bartender (uncredited)
~Milton Sills~
~Lobby Card featuring
Milton Sills, Douglas
Fairbanks Jr., Betty
Compson and Dorothy
Directed by: George Fitzmaurice

Written by:
Benjamin Glazer - writer
Joseph Jackson - writer
Herman J. Mankiewicz - titles

Based on the play by Kenyon Nicholson
Based on the oft-filmed play by Kenyon Nicholson, The Barker represented the talking-picture debut of
silent-screen favorite Milton Sills (the film itself is a part-talkie, containing 38 minutes' worth of
dialogue). Sills is cast as Nifty Miller, veteran sideshow barker for a cheap carnival. Miller is determined
that his young son Chris (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) will not follow in his footsteps but will instead attend law
school. But Chris cannot help but be drawn to carnival life -- especially when he meets pretty "carney"
Lou (Dorothy Mackaill). The film ran into some state-by-state censorship problems due to the scanty
costumes worn by the female cast members. Herman Mankiewicz was among the screenwriters of The
Barker, which received a latter-day fame of sorts when its crowded opening-credit title was reproduced
in the pages of Kevin Brownlow's silent-film retrospective The Parade's Gone By.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: The Essanay Film Manufacturing CompanyFirst
National Pictures (controlled by Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.) (as a First
National-Vitaphone Picture)

Distribution Company: Warner Bros.

Producer: Al Rockett & Richard A. Rowland
Music by: Louis Silvers
Cinematography by: Lee Garmes
Film Editing by: Stuart Heisler
Costume Design by: Max Rée
Photo Double for Betty Compson: Andreva Nunée

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: December 9, 1928