~The Arab~
~Ramon Novarro~
~Plot Synopsis~
Rex Ingram, one of the major directors in American silent cinema, helmed this sweeping drama
about Jamil Abdullah Azarn (Ramon Novarro), a hot-blooded Bedouin outcast from his family after
he disobeys his father and stages a raid on an oasis during an Islamic holy feast. With nowhere to go,
Jamil travels to Turkey, where he takes a job as a guide. He soon falls in love with Mary Hilbert (Alice
Terry), the daughter of a team of Christian missionaries. When Jamil learns of a government plot to
wipe out the city's Christian population, Jamil leaps into action to stop the killing, with the aid of a
band of Bedouins. Jamil's bravery and compassion prevent the pointless slaughter and regain him
the admiration of his father. Ingram, a stickler for realism, shot portions of The Arab on location in
Algiers, using native Bedouins as extras.

Plot Synopsis by Mark Deming, AllMovie.com
Directed & Written by: Rex Ingram

Based on the play  The Arab, a Play  by Edgar Selwyn (New York, Sep

Ramon Novarro ...  Jamil Abdullah Azam
Alice Terry ...  Mary Hilbert
Max Maxudian ...  The Governor
Jean de Limur ...  Hossein
Paul Vermoyal ...  Iphraim
Adelqui Migliar ...  Abdullah
Alexandresco ...  Oulad Nile
Justa Uribe ...  Myrza
Jerrold Robertshaw ...  Dr. Hilbert
Paul Franceschi ...  Marmount
Giuseppe di Campo ...  Selim
Howard Ralston ...  Undetermined Role - uncredited
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Metro-Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: John F. Seitz
Film Editing by: Grant Whytock
Production Manager: Curt Rehfeld
Technical Assistants: John Birkel, Jean de Limur, F. Medelgi & George Noffka
Publicist for Mr. Novarro: Herbert Howe

Length: 7 Reels
Released: July 21, 1924
~Ramon Novarro & Alice Terry~