~The American~
aka The Flag Maker
~Bessie Love & Charles Ray~
~Plot Synopsis~
Seref, who returns to his country after many years in America, as a dollar billionaire with a cowboy
hat on his head, and with his Dallas-type boots has an interesting past: Twenty years ago he has
lost his sweetheart Melek to his closest friend, and furthermore, has been put in prison. He found a
way to escape from prison, going to America, the country of dreams. Here, he has become a
businessman with boundless wealth, known as Seref The Turk. When he returns to his country as
an American, even though he has some commercial aims in mind, his real desire is to take revenge.
He will settle accounts with the friend who stabbed him in the back many years ago, and with Melek
who is betrayed him. However, when he sets foot in Turkey with yearning, he meets 'Small
America' in chaos. On top of that, while looking for Melek, he finds himself in the middle of a funny
and exciting adventure where sexuality and violence mingle.
Directed by: J. Stuart Blackton    

Written by:
Marian Constance Blackton - scenario
Jewel Spencer - story

Charles Ray
Bessie Love
Ward Crane
Evelyn Selbie
Maurice Murphy
Dick Brandon
J.P. Lockney
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Natural Vision Pictures

Produced by: George K. Spoor  
Cinematography by: Conrad Luperti & Marvin W. Spoor

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Filmed on Location in San Diego, California, USA