~The Affairs of Anatol~
~Plot Synopsis~
Cecil B. DeMille's much-maligned cinemadaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's The Affairs of Anatol holds
up better than its reputation suggests. Wallace Reid stars as New York socialite Anatol DeWitt
Spencer, who after only a few day's marriage has become bored with his new bride Vivian (Gloria
Swanson). In search of new romantic vistas, Anatole takes up his old flame Emilie (Wanda Hawley),
who repays the "favor" by two-timing him. Briefly returning to his wife, Anatole attempts another
extramarital adventure with Annie Elliot (Agnes Ayres), whose tear-stained tales of a tragic life are
but a subterfuge to disguise her larcenous streak. Finally, Anatole dallies with Satan Synne (Bebe
Daniels), "the wickedest woman in New York"-who turns out to be a virtuous housewife, hoping to
raise money for her seriously ill husband. At long last, Anatole decides that he's better off with
Vivian, who by now has grown tired of him. In reviewing The Affairs of Anatol, Photoplay magazine
said laconically "Cecil B. DeMille, not Arthur Schnitzler. We leave it to you which gentleman has
pleased our public more."

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Directed by: Cecil B. DeMille

Written by: Jeanie Macpherson

Based on the novel Anatol by Arthur Schnitzler (1893).

Wallace Reid ...  Anatol Spencer
Gloria Swanson ...  Vivian Spencer (Anatol's wife)
Wanda Hawley ...  Emilie Dixon
Theodore Roberts ...  Gordon Bronson
Elliott Dexter ...  Max Runyon
Theodore Kosloff ...  Mr. Nazzer Singh (Hindu hypnotist)
Agnes Ayres ...  Annie Elliott
Monte Blue ...  Abner Elliott
Bebe Daniels ...  Satan Synne
Alma Bennett ...  Chorus girl (uncredited)
William Boyd ...  Guest (uncredited)
Shannon Day ...  Chorus girl (uncredited)
Julia Faye ...  Tibra (uncredited)
Elinor Glyn ...  Bridge player (uncredited)
Winter Hall ...  Dr. Johnston (uncredited)
Raymond Hatton ...  Great Blatsky - Violin teacher (uncredited)
Fred Huntley ...  Stage manager (uncredited)
Lucien Littlefield ...  Spencer's valet (uncredited)
Zelma Maja ...  Nurse (uncredited)
Ruth Miller ...  Marie (Spencer's maid) (uncredited)
Polly Moran ...  Orchestra leader (uncredited)
Charles Ogle ...  Dr. Bowles (uncredited)
Guy Oliver ...  Spencer's butler (uncredited)
Lady Parker ...  Bridge player (uncredited)
Maude Wayne ...  Guest (uncredited)
~L367X-180: Theodore Roberts & Wanda Hawley~
~L367X-229: Elliott Dexter~
~L367X-135: Wanda Hawley & Wallace Reid~
~Gloria Swanson~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Distributed by: Paramount Studios

Produced by: Cecil B. DeMille  
Cinematography by: Karl Struss & Alvin Wyckoff    
Film Editing by: Anne Bauchens  - uncredited
Art Direction by: Paul Iribe    
Costume Design by: Paul Iribe  - uncredited & Clare West - uncredited
Production Manager: Howard Higgin  
Literary Assistance: Beulah Marie Dix & Elmer Harris
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 117 Minutes
Released: September 25, 1921