~Tarzan The Mighty~
~Plot Synopsis~
Mary and Bobby Trevor are castaways befriended by Tarzan. When Lord arrives, looking for the family
heir, Black John tries to fill that role and marry Mary in England. Tarzan shows up and marries her
Directed by: Jack Nelson & Ray Taylor

Written by:
Ian McClosky Heath - writer
Jack Nelson - writer

Based on the novel "Jungle Tales of Tarzan," by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Frank Merrill ...  Tarzan
Al Ferguson ...  Black John, village ruler of Pirates' descendants
Natalie Kingston ...  Mary Trevor
Bobby Nelson ...  Bobby Trevor, Mary's younger brother
Lorimer Johnston ...  Lord Greystoke, Tarzan's uncle
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by Universal Pictures

Stunts and Animal Training by: Mel Koontz

Length: 15 Episodes
Released: October 29, 1928