~Plot Synopsis~
Mary Pickford recreates her ugly-duckling drudge from Stella Maris (1918) in this bright comedy
co-starring Charles Chaplin stock company regular Albert Austin. She is Amanda Afflick, the least
appreciated employer in Madame Didier's (Rose Dione) French Hand Wash establishment. Even
lower on the totem pole is Lavender, the laundry's old nag, who Amanda manages to save from the
glue factory with her entire weekly salary. A daydreamer, Amanda is much taken with one of her
customers, Horace Greensmith, Esquire, whom, in her imagination, she turns into a knight in shining
armor. The real Horace (Austin) is nothing of the sort, of course, but he does agree to pretend to be
Amanda's fiancé for a day in order to impress her co-workers. Too ashamed of her appearance to take
her to Hampstead Heath, he instead suggests the more secluded Epping Forest. But even a Cockney
waif like Amanda has her pride and she spends the bank holiday instead with Benjamin (Harold
Lockwood), the laundry's upstanding delivery boy. Suds was based on a 1905 one-act play that had
starred the legendary Maude Adams, Broadway's original Peter Pan.

Plot Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
Directed by: John Francis Dillon

Written by:
Waldemar Young - scenario

Based on the play "Op O' Me Thumb," by Richard Bryce and Frederick

Mary Pickford ...  Amanda Afflick
Albert Austin ...  Horace Greensmith
Harold Goodwin ...  Benjamin Pillsbury Jones
Rose Dione ...  Madame Jeanne Gallifilet Didier
Lavendor the Horse   
Taylor N. Duncan ...  Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Darwin Karr ...  Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Joan Marsh ...  Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Nadyne Montgomery ...  Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Theodore Roberts ...  Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Hal Wilson ...  Undetermined Role (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Mary Pickford Company

Distributed by: United Artists

Producer: Mary Pickford
Cinematography by: L. William O'Connell & Charles Rosher
Art Direction by: Max Parker
Costume Designer: Adele Crinley
Assistant Director: William A. Crinley
Props: Alfred L. Werker
Electrical Effects: William S. Johnson

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 75 Minutes
Released: January 27, 1920