~Spite Marriage~
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~Plot Synopsis~
Elmer (Buster Keaton), a pants-presser, falls in love with Trilby Drew (Dorothy Sebastian), the star of
a legitimate show, and attends every performance. Trilby is then jilted by her leading man, Lionel
Denmore (Edward Earle), and marries Elmer out of spite. She becomes intoxicated on their wedding
night, and Elmer, realizing the reason for the marriage, leaves her and finds work as a sailor on a
rumrunner's boat. Elmer later transfers at sea to a yacht on which Trilby is a passenger and proves his
love and courage during a series of disasters. Trilby at last comes to realize her love for Elmer.

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Directed by:
Edward Sedgwick
Buster Keaton - uncredited

Written by:
Lew Lipton - story
Ernest Pagano - adaptation
Richard Schayer - continuity
Robert E. Hopkins - titles

Buster Keaton ...Elmer
Dorothy Sebastian ...Trilby Drew
Edward Earle ...Lionel Benmore
Leila Hyams ...Ethyl Norcrosse
William Bechtel ...Nussbaum
Jack Byron ...Scarzi
Joe Bordeaux ...Rumrunner (uncredited)
Ray Cooke ...The Bellboy (uncredited)
Mike Donlin ...Man in Ship's Engine Room (uncredited)
Pat Harmon ...Ship Captain (uncredited)
Sydney Jarvis ...Man in Audience Next to Elmer (uncredited)
Theodore Lorch ...Actor as 'Union Officer' (uncredited)
Hank Mann ...Stage Manager (uncredited)
Charles Sullivan ...Tough Sailor (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
A Buster Keaton Production
An Edward Sedgwick Production
Joseph M. Schenck Production

Distribution Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Producer: Buster Keaton (uncredited)
Producer: Edward Sedgwick (uncredited)
Original Music by: Fritz Stahlberg (uncredited)
Cinematography by: Reggie Lanning
Film Editing by: Frank Sullivan
Art Direction by: Cedric Gibbons
Makeup Artist: Monte Westmore (uncredited)
Production Supervisor: Lawrence Weingarten
Stunts: Gil Perkins & Bob Rose
Camera Operator: George Gordon Nogle (uncredited)
Wardrobe: David Cox
Composer (additional music): William Axt (uncredited)
Composer (additional music): Edward Cupero (uncredited)

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 76 Minutes
Released: August 6, 1929