~Souls for Sale~
~Promotional photograph from The California
Theatre, promoting the screening of Eleanor
Boardman's "Souls for Sale," in 1923~

Eleanor Boardman ...  Miss Remember Steddon
Frank Mayo ...  Tom Holby
Richard Dix ...  Frank Claymore
Mae Busch ...  Robina Teele
Barbara La Marr ...  Leva Lemaire
Lew Cody ...  Owen Scudder
Forrest Robinson ...  Reverend John Steddon
Edith Yorke ...  Mrs. Steddon
Snitz Edwards ...  Komical Kale - the Klown
William Haines ...  Pinkey - Assistant Director
Dale Fuller ...  Abigail Tweedy - Singer
Erich von Stroheim ...  Himself - Celebrity Director
Jean Hersholt ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor
Charles Chaplin ...  Himself - Celebrity Director
Fred Niblo ...  Himself - Celebrity Director
Roy Atwell ...  Arthur Tirrey - Casting Director
Eve Southern ...  Miss Velma Slade
T. Roy Barnes ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor in Commissary
Zasu Pitts ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress in Commissary
Kathlyn Williams ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress in Commisary
June Mathis ...  Herself - Celebrity Writer
Elliott Dexter ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor in Commissary
Barbara Bedford ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress in Commissary
John St. Polis ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor in Commissary (as John Sainpolis)
Chester Conklin ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor in Commissary
Aileen Pringle ...  Lady Jane
William Orlamond ...  Lord Fryingham
William H. Crane ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor at Hollywood Hotel
Marshall Neilan ...  Himself - Celebrity Director
Claire Windsor ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress directed by Marshall Neilan
Raymond Griffith ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor
Hobart Bosworth ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor
Mariska Aldrich ...  Motion Picture Crew (uncredited)
Sylvia Ashton ...  Mrs. Kale (uncredited)
Hugo Ballin ...  Himself - Celebrity Director (uncredited)
Mabel Ballin ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
Yale Boss ...  Prop Man (uncredited)
Margaret Bourne ...  Leva Lemaire's Mother (uncredited)
Grace Coleman ...  Motion Picture Crew (uncredited)
Sam Damen ...  Violinist (uncredited)
Patterson Dial ...  Actress (uncredited)
Robert Edeson ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor (uncredited)
Claude Gillingwater ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor (uncredited)
Rita Gilman ...  Motion Picture Crew (uncredited)
Dagmar Godowsky ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
Elaine Hammerstein ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
Jean Haskell ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
Roberta Hewston ...  Motion Picture Crew (uncredited)
Arthur Hoyt ...  Jimmy Leland (uncredited)
Rush Hughes ...  Second Cameraman (uncredited)
Bynunsky Hyman ...  Actor in Casting Office (uncredited)
David Imboden ...  Caxton (uncredited)
R.H. Johnson ...  Melodeon Player (uncredited)
Helen Kassler ...  Motion Picture Crew (uncredited)
Fred Kelsey ...  Detective Quinn (uncredited)
Alice Lake ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
Rhea Le Fort ...  Motion Picture Crew (uncredited)
Bessie Love ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
Joan Lowell ...  Motion Picture Crew (uncredited)
Patsy Ruth Miller ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
May Milloy ...  Mrs. Sturges (uncredited)
Ruth Mitchell ...  Motion Picture Crew (uncredited)
George Morgan ...  Spofford (uncredited)
Charles Murphy ...  Boss Canvasman (uncredited)
Joe Murphy ...  Motorist (uncredited)
Anna Q. Nilsson ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
L.J. O'Connor ...  Doyle (uncredited)
Walter Perry ...  Grip (uncredited)
Lon Poff ...  Tall Actor in Casting Office (uncredited)
Jed Prouty ...  Magnus (uncredited)
Jack Richardson ...  Movie Heavy (uncredited)
Milton Sills ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor (uncredited)
Anita Stewart ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
Blanche Sweet ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
Auld Thomas ...  Assistant Cameraman (uncredited)
Sarah Thomas ...  Motion Picture Crew (uncredited)
Florence Vidor ...  Herself - Celebrity Actress (uncredited)
King Vidor ...  Himself - Celebrity Director (uncredited)
Johnnie Walker ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor (uncredited)
George Walsh ...  Himself - Celebrity Actor (uncredited)
Leo Willis ...  Electrician (uncredited)
Directed & Written by: Rupert Hughes
This comedy-melodrama, based on the novel by Rupert Hughes (who also directed), blends fiction
and reality to tell the story of a young woman's rise in Hollywood; the film uses real stars and
productions (even Charles Chaplin filming A Woman of Paris) as its backdrop. Eleanor Boardman
plays Remember Steddon, better known as Mem. Mem is a small-town girl who marries slick bad guy
Owen Scudder (Lew Cody); Owen insures his brides and then murders them for the money. After the
wedding, Mem starts to have her doubts about him and runs away while their train is chugging
through the desert. She happens on a film crew and gets work as an extra, later becoming a famous
dramatic actress in Hollywood with the help of director Frank Claymore (Richard Dix). Scudder
finally tracks her down during a shoot involving a circus tent; when a storm sets the tent on fire,
Scudder loses his life saving Mem from a wind machine's propeller. Freed from her marriage, Mem is
able to choose between Claymore and her leading man. Boardman, whose first starring role finds her
surrounded by a long and impressive supporting cast, wound up at the Goldwyn studios through a
"New Faces" contest. Her co-winner, future star William Haines, also had a bit part as the company's
assistant director.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Produced by: Rupert Hughes
Cinematography by: John J. Mescall
Costume Design by: Howard Greer
Settings: Cedric Gibbons
Assistant Camera: Charles A. Marshall

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Released:  April 22, 1923