~Sorrell And Son~
~H. B. Warner & Mickey McBan~
~Plot Synopsis~
Sorrell and Son, the best-selling (and frequently filmed) British novel by Warwick Deeping, was
afforded its first screen treatment in 1927. Upon returning from WWI, courageous Captain Sorrell
(H.B. Warner) returns home to find that his wife (Anna Q. Nilsson) has left him for another. Though
his spirit has been crushed, Sorrell has a young son to take care of, so he takes a menial job as a hotel
porter. His son Kit (Mickey McBan as a child, Nils Asther as an adult) grows up to become a
successful surgeon. Though he worships the ground his father walks on, Kit is unable to watch Sorrell
die a lingering death from cancer, so he reluctantly euthanizes his dad. The "mercy killing" element,
as controversial in 1927 as it would be in 1997, was the principal selling angle of Sorrell and Son,
though it didn't hurt that the acting performances and the Oscar-nominated direction of Herbert
Brenon were uniformly excellent. Sorrell and Son was remade in 1934, with H.B. Warner repeating his
original characterization.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Herbert Brenon

Written by:
Herbert Brenon - writer
Elizabeth Meehan - adaptation

Based on the novel by Warwick Deeping

H.B. Warner ...  Stephen Sorrell
Anna Q. Nilsson ...  Dora Sorrell
Mickey McBan ...  Kit, as a child
Carmel Myers ...  Flo Palfrey
Lionel Belmore ...  John Palfrey
Norman Trevor ...  Thomas Roland
Betsy Ann Hisle ...  Molly, as a child
Louis Wolheim ...  Buck
Paul McAllister ...  Dr. Orange
Alice Joyce ...  Fanny Garland
Nils Asther ...  Christopher 'Kit' Sorrell
Mary Nolan ...  Molly Roland
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company:
Joseph M. Schenck Productions (for)
Feature Productions

Distribution Company: United Artists

Cinematographer: James Wong Howe
Film Editing by: Marie Halvey
Art Direction by: William Cameron Menzies
Makeup Artist: Fred Carlton Ryle
Assistant Director: Ray Lissner
Set Designer by: Julian Boone Fleming
Presenter: Joseph M. Schenck

Length: 10 Reels
Runtime: 100 Minutes
Released: November 13, 1927
Filmed on Location in England, UK