~Something To Think About~
~Plot Synopsis~
During the late teens and early '20s, filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille reveled in much cinematic pomp and
circumstance, mixing epic past-life fantasies with James M. Barrie in Male and Female and blending
high society with sex in the domestic scenarios of Don't Change Your Husband and Why Change Your
Wife?. So when he tried for simplicity and a spiritual message with Something to Think About, it took
quite a few people aback. Elliott Dexter plays David Markley, crippled but wealthy, who pays for the
education of Ruth Anderson Gloria Swanson, daughter of the town blacksmith Theodore Roberts.
When Ruth returns from school, Markley falls in love with her. She feels obliged to marry him but
elopes instead with Jim Dirk Monte Blue. After Dirk is killed in an accident, Ruth comes home once
again, but her angry and now-blind father denounces her. The altruistic Markley agrees to marry
Ruth only for the benefit of the son she had by Dirk. But this marriage -- in name only -- turns into a
real romance as Ruth and Markley fall in love. The bad feelings between them vanish and heal the
crippled man. The intention behind Something to Think About was certainly well-meant, but at this
point in DeMille's career words like "straightforward" and "uncomplicated" just weren't part of his
vocabulary. Unfortunately that's just what this film needed to be, but instead it veered between
sincerity and melodrama.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Cecil B. De Mille

Written by: Jeanie Macpherson - story

Elliott Dexter ...  David Markely
Gloria Swanson ...  Ruth Anderson
Monte Blue ...  Jim Dirk
Theodore Roberts ...  Luke Anderson
Claire McDowell ...  Housekeeper
Michael D. Moore ...  Bobby Markely (as Mickey Moore)
Julia Faye ...  Alice Blair - Banker's Daughter
Jim Mason ...  Country Masher
Togo Yamamoto ...  Servant
Theodore Kosloff ...  Clown
William Boyd ...  (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Produced by: Cecil B. DeMille & Jesse L. Lasky
Cinematography by: Karl Struss & Alvin Wyckoff
Film Editing by: Anne Bauchens
Costume Design by: Natacha Rambova & Clare West
Assistant Camera: James Wong Howe
Script Supervisor: Anne Bauchens

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 78 Minutes
Released: October 17, 1920
Filmed on Location at Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino National Forest, California,