~Smouldering Fires~
~Laura La Plante & George Cooper~
~Plot Synopsis~
Smouldering Fires is a first-rate silent "soap opera," immaculately performed by its superb cast and
brilliantly directed by Clarence Brown. Pauline Frederick plays a highly efficient middle-aged
business executive, whose motto is "Let No Man Be Necessary to You." She discards this edict when
she falls in love with her much-younger employee Malcolm McGregor. Though McGregor sincerely
loves Frederick, her younger sister Laura LaPlante assumes that the man is a fortune hunter. After
Frederick and McGregor are wed, LaPlante comes to realize that her new brother-in-law is sincere.
She also realizes uncomfortably that she has fallen in love with McGregor, and he with her. Out of
consideration for Frederick, the younger couple keeps their mutual attraction secret, and promise
each other not to act upon their feelings. But Frederick eventually figures out the situation.
Magnanimously, she declares that the marriage was a mistake, and that she'll seek a divorce before
anyone is hurt. The aftermath of this triangular situation is subtly hinted at by a carefully arranged
medium shot of the three principals. Never stooping to cliché or wallowing in phony sentimentality,
Smouldering Fires is an honest tale about realistic people with genuine emotions. Most available
prints are from the American release version; the slightly longer European version is even better,
with some remarkably mature (albeit non-lurid) setpieces.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Clarence Brown

Written by:
Dwinelle Benthall - titles
Melville W. Brown - writer
Sada Cowan - screenplay & story
Margaret Deland - story
Howard Higgin - screenplay & story

Pauline Frederick ...  Jane Vale
Laura La Plante ...  Dorothy Vale
Malcolm McGregor ...  Robert Elliott
Tully Marshall ...  Scotty
Wanda Hawley ...  Lucy
Helen Lynch ...  Kate Brown
George Cooper ...  Mugsy
Bert Roach ...  Member of the Committee
Billy Gould ...  Member of the Committee
Rolfe Sedan ...  Member of the Committee
Jack McDonald ...  Member of the Committee
William Orlamond ...  Member of the Committee
Bobby Mack ...  Member of the Committee (as Robert Mack)
Frank Newburg ...  Member of the Committee
Arthur Lake ...  Party Guest (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Cinematography by: Jackson Rose
Film Editing by: Edward Schroeder
Art Direction by: Leo K. Kuter
Assistant Director: Charles Dorian

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: January 18, 1925
Film on Location in Yosemite National Park, California, USA