~Plot Synopsis~
Shanghaied, Charlie Chaplin's 11th film for Essanay was shot largely on board the SS Vaquero, which
Chaplin had rented for the film. Chaplin's cameraman, Harry Ensign, devised a pivot for the camera
which simulated the violent rocking of the ship as well as rockers for the stage, anticipating the
shipboard shots in The Immigrant. In the story, Charlie is in love with Edna Purviance, whose father
owns a ship which he plans to have blown up for the insurance money. Forbidden to see Charlie, Edna
runs away, leaving a note: "Father -- I have stowed away on your boat. Goodbye. Your unhappy
daughter, Edna." Coincidentally, Charlie is hired to hit prospective crew members over the head with a
mallet, whereupon they are shanghaied. He is himself shanghaied by the first mate in the same fashion.
Charlie is a willing but inept seaman, knocking the whole crew overboard by misdirecting a loading
crane and washing dishes in the soup that the cook is preparing. As the ship's rolling increases, Charlie
has difficulty serving dinner and becomes seasick. He discovers Edna hiding in the hold just before the
Captain and First Mate light the fuse on a keg of TNT and escape in a launch. Meanwhile, Edna's father
has found her note and is chasing after them in a speeding boat, trying to stop the explosion. Charlie
throws the TNT keg overboard and into the skiff of the escaping Captain, saving the Vaquero. When
Edna's father arrives, Edna and Charlie join him in his launch, but when he will still not approve of
Charlie, even after saving his daughter and his boat, Charlie kicks the man overboard, much to Edna's

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Written & Directed by: Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin ...Tramp
Edna Purviance ...Daughter of the Shipowner
Wesley Ruggles ...Shipowner
Bud Jamison ...Second Mate, The Other Man
Billy Armstrong ...First Shanghaied Seaman
Paddy McGuire ...Second Shanghaied eaman
Leo White ...Third Shanghaied Seaman
John Rand ...Ship's Cook
Fred Goodwins ...Cabin Boy in Coveralls
Lee Hill ...Sailor in Rain Hat
Lawrence A. Bowes ...Mate (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: The Essanay Film Manufacturing Company

Distribution Company: General Film Company

Producer: Jess Robbins
Cinematography by: Harry Ensign
Film Editing by:
Charles Chaplin
Assistant Director: Ernest Van Pelt
Scenic Artist: E.T. Mazy

Length: 3 Reels
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Released: October 4, 1915