~Plot Synopsis~
Louise Glaum, who outside of Theda Bara was perhaps the screen's most popular "vamp," headed
the cast of Shackled. Glaum was starred as woman-of-the-world Lola Dexter, who carries on a
romance with wastrelly millionaire Walter Cosgrove (Charles West) on the assumption that he
intends to marry her. But the caddish Cosgrove dumps Lola in favor of a more lucrative marriage to
heiress Edith Danfield (Roberta Wilson). Declaring vengeance against all men, Lola uses the "payoff
money" given to her by Cosgrove to purchase a fabulous wardrobe and fancy yacht, the better to seek
out wealthy male victims. Eventually she grows to hate herself and tries to commit suicide, but she is
prevented from doing so by a kindly invalid (Lawson Butt) who turns out to be Edith's father. Invited
to visit the invalid's home, Lola is uncomfortably reunited with Cosgrove, but she agrees to keep
mum about their past relationship. When Edith's former sweetheart James Ashley (John Gilbert)
returns from the battlefields of France, however, Lola quickly deduces that Edith is still in love with
the boy. Hoping to provide Edith with grounds for divorce, Lola puts the moves on Cosgrove, who,
being the bounder that he is, enthusiastically succumbs to her charms. When Cosgrove realizes what
Lola is up to, Cosgrove tries to murder her but ends up accidentally killing himself. Edith and James
are reunited, while Edith's father, willing to forgive Lola for her past transgressions, proposes
marriage to her. Lola promises to give him her answer the following day -- then quietly slips out of
the Danfield mansion, never to return.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Reginald Barker

Written by:
J. Grubb Alexander - writer
Lawrence McCloskey - story
Fred Myton - writer

Louise Glaum ...  Lola Dexter
Charles West ...  Walter Cosgrove
John Gilbert ...  James Ashley (as Jack Gilbert)
Roberta Wilson ...  Edith Danfield
Lawson Butt ...  Thomas Danfield (as W. Lawson Butt)
Herschel Mayall ...  Henry Hartman
Roy Laidlaw ...  Major Duval
Leatrice Joy ...  Undetermined Role- uncredited
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Paralta Plays Inc.

Distribution Company: W.W. Hodkinson

Cinematography by: L. Guy Wilky

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: May 20, 1918