~Viola Barry & Louise Glaum~
~William Conklin & Louise Glaum~
~Louise Glaum & Irving Cummings~
~R3-25: The Devil & Louise Glaum~
~William Conklin & Louise Glaum~
~Promotional Portraits of Louise Glaum~
~Promotional Portrait of Louise Glaum~
~Candid Portrait of Louise Glaum with on-set musicians~
~R3-14 Louise Glaum~
~Plot Synopsis~
Louise Glaum stars in the height of her career stars in this very provocatively entitled "Sex."  Miss Glaum
portrays Adrienne Renault. Adrienne is a star and the first scene shows us her performing on stage in her
famous spider dance. For Adrienne, life is a long party. This ongoing party continues without concern for
ethics or morals. Adrienne enjoys her luxurious live-style with another woman's husband, Philip Overman
(portrayed by William Conklin).

As one of Adrienne's chorus girls, Daisy Henderson, questions her about her lifestyle, she tells Daisy that
she gets the best out of life each day and there are no consequences to her decisions. She tells her that if
husbands cheat on their wives, that it means nothing to her.

Soon, Adrienne is confronted by her lovers wife, played by Myrtle Stedman. Mrs. Overman tries to convey
to Adrienne that her actions have caused much harm to her marriage and begs her to stop seeing her
husband. Adrienne so untouched by her pleas, laughs away from the room.

Adrienne soon meets another admirer of her performance and charms. This part played Irving Cummings
is that of wealthy banker, Dave Wallace. Dave loves Adrienne, he is wealthy. He owns a large home in
New York and he wants to Marry Adrienne. At first, Adrienne is just amused by Dave's attentions. When
Adrienne suggests to her current flame Philip that he leave his wife and marry her, he tells her no.
Adrienne feelings change at this point, and the offer of marriage by Dave Wallace seems more and more

So, Adrienne gives up the stage, the parties and becomes the wife of wealthy Dave Wallace. As Adrienne
grows bored of her new surroundings, she finds that her husband is home less and less. Eventually she
finds that her husband is having an affair. And to make this hurt sting just a little bit more, the affair is
with the new star Daisy Henderson - Adrienne's prior chorus girl. The same girl she taught to live without
the care of others.

Adrienne sets sail to Europe to give her time to think. She discovers that her ex-lover Philip and reunited
with his wife and they are on the same ship for a second honeymoon. Adrienne watched the couple go off
to dance and she disappears, alone on the deck of the ship.

Written by Kay Shackleton
Directed by: Fred Niblo

Written by: C. Gardner Sullivan - writer

Louise Glaum ...  Adrienne Renault
Irving Cummings ...  Dave Wallace
Viola Barry ...  Daisy Henderson (as Peggy Pearce)
Myrtle Stedman ...  Mrs. Overman
William Conklin ...  Philip Overman
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: J. Parker Read Jr. Productions

Distributed by:
J. Parker Read Jr. Productions (1920)
Pathé Exchange (1920)

Producer: J. Parker Read
Cinematography by: Charles J. Stumar
Art Direction by: W.L. Heywood
Presenter: J. Parker Read

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 87 minutes
Premiere: Paterson, NJ on March 29, 1920
Released: April 11, 1920
~Louise Glaum~
~Promotional Portraits of Louise Glaum~
~Louise Glaum and her famous spider dance~
~Color Lobby card featuring Louise Glaum & Viola Barry~
~R3-70: Louise Glaum -in back: William Conklin & Viola
~R3-44: Louise Glaum~