~Seeing It Through~
~Plot Synopsis~
When Mrs. Lawrence (Fanny Midgeley) becomes ill and needs a hospital stay, her daughter Betty gets
a job as a stenographer for Ichabod Bogrum (Edwin Stevens). Bogrum is a loan shark who,
unbeknownst to Betty, runs an extremely shady business. In addition, he intends to get his hands on
the Lawrences' property the first chance he gets. Luckily, Betty has met Jim Carrington (Henry
Woodward), who owns the estate next door, and he helps keep her out of Bogrum's clutches. The
crook's schemes are foiled, and Betty wins herself a sweetheart. This film marked the first time that
Zasu Pitts was featured in a starring role.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Claude Mitchell

W.H. Bainbridge ...  Mr. Allen
Anna Dodge ...  Mrs. Tweeney (as Anna Hernandez)
Frank Hayes ...  Bolter
Julanne Johnston ...  Janice Wilson (as Julanne Johnson)
Mayme Kelso ...  Bpgrum's housekeeper
Fred Mack ...  Sandy MacPherson
Hughie Mack ...  Mr. Tweeney
Fanny Midgley ...  Mrs. Lawrence (as Fannie Midgley)
Zasu Pitts ...  Betty Lawrence
Frances Raymond ...  Mrs. Allen (as Frankie Raymond)
Edwin Stevens ...  Ichabod Borgrum
Henry Woodward ...  Jim Carrington
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Robertson-Cole Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Ira H. Morgan

Length: 5 Reels
Released: February 8, 1920