~Scarlet Days~
~A95-34: Ralph Graves & Carol Dempster~
~A95-45: Richard Barthelmess, Eugenie Besserer & Carol Dempster~
~A95-46: Eugenie Besserer & Ralph Graves~
~A95-51: Ralph Graves, Adolph Lestina & Carol Dempster~
~A95-54: Kate Bruce & Carol Dempster~
~A95-110: Carol Dempster, Richard Barthelmess, Ralph Graves & Adolph Lestina~
~A95-125: Ralph Graves, Walter Long & Carol Dempster~
~A95-?: Ralph Graves, Adolph Lestina, Richard Barthelmess & Carol Dempster~
~Plot Synopsis~
This D.W. Griffith picture has the distinction of being, arguably, the worst film that the director ever
made. For starters, it's a western -- not one of Griffith's best subjects. And most of the characters are
two-dimensional clichés. In the days of '49, Rosie Nell (Eugenie Besserer), a dance hall girl, saves
gold from her prospecting customers to enable her to join her daughter (Carol Dempster) in Boston.
After another dance hall girl, trying to rob Nell, dies of a heart attack, Nell's hanging is stopped when
word comes that her daughter, Lady Fair, has arrived. The Mexican bandit Alvarez (Richard
Barthelmess) and John Randolph (Ralph Graves), a Virginian miner, both attracted to Lady Fair,
persuade the sheriff (George Fawcett) to allow Nell three days with her, which are the happiest of
Nell's life, although the daughter is nearly driven insane when she learns the source of her boarding
school funding. When King Bagley (Walter Long), the dance hall proprietor, decides to make Lady
Fair his star attraction, Alvarez and Randolph protect the women in Randolph's cabin, from Bagley's
men. The sheriff and a posse arrive after Alvarez offers to give himself up, and although Nell dies, the
gang is dispersed. After Chiquita (Clarine Seymour), whom Alvarez spurned, persuades the sheriff to
allow Alvarez to escape with her, Lady Fair marries Randolph. Poor as it was, this was one of
Dempster's few films for Griffith in which she was properly cast. On the other hand, Richard
Barthelmess couldn't have been a poorer choice for Alvarez. Ironically, Dorothy Gish had
recommended an actor to Griffith who probably would have been perfect: Rudolph Valentino. But
Griffith mistakenly believed that foreign types were not appealing to women(!). Some critics of the
day suspected that Griffith wasn't the only director on this film. They were right -- his assistant
Elmer Clifton was practically co-director.

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Directed by: D.W. Griffith

Written by: Stanner E.V. Taylor

Richard Barthelmess ...  Alvarez
Eugenie Besserer ...  Rosie Nell
Carol Dempster ...  Lady Fair
Clarine Seymour ...  Chiquita
Ralph Graves ...  Randolph
George Fawcett ...  The Sheriff
Walter Long ...  King Bagley
Kate Bruce ...  The Aunt
Rhea Haines ...  Spasm Sal
Adolph Lestina ...  Randolph's friend
Herbert Sutch ...  The Second Sheriff
J. Wesley Warner ...  Alvarez's Man
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: D.W. Griffith Productions

Distribution Company: Artcraft Pictures Corporation

Produced by: D.W. Griffith
Cinematography by: G.W. Bitzer
Assistant Director: Elmer Clifton (uncredited)    
Film Editing by: James Smith    
Camera Operator: Karl Brown

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 77 Minutes
Released: November 30, 1919