~Sands of Sacrifice~
AKA Tangle Trails
~Plot Synopsis~
Late 1910s star William Russell is too good for this mediocre program drama. He plays Big Bill
Darcey, a young man with money but no ambition. That changes when he meets Nora Farnes
(Francelia Billington), whose mother has been duped out of her savings by Enoch Foyle (George
Periolat). Darcey is an acquaintance of Foyle's and when he sees Nora being accosted by a number of
Foyle's friends, he protects her. Foyle tries to get to her, so Darcey hides her in his lodge for the
night. To save her honor (young unmarried ladies did not spend the night at a man's home in those
days), Darcey marries her. Before they can leave on their honeymoon, he finds out that Foyle has
stolen his fortune, too. He storms over to Foyle's office, only to find Nora there. He believes she was
in league with Foyle and leaves for the desert with Sammy Goode, a friend suffering from
consumption (John Gough). Before he dies, Goode insists that Darcey return to Nora to hear her side
of the story. Nora, meanwhile, has trapped Foyle into confessing all his wrongdoing. When Darcey
finds them together in her apartment, he believes his suspicions were correct -- until the police show
up. Nora is finally able to explain that she was only out to get Foyle, and the couple are reunited.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Edward Sloman

Written by: Harvey Gates

William Russell ...  Big Bill Darcey
Francelia Billington ...  Nora Farnes
George Periolat ...  Enoch Foyle
John Gough ...  Sammy Goode
Joe King ...  Sophier
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: American Film Company
Distribution Company: Mutual Film

Distribution Company: George Kleine System

Cinematography by: Ira H. Morgan
Presenter: Samuel S. Hutchinson

Length: 5 Reels
Released: September 24, 1917