~Plot Synopsis~
Veteran star William S. Hart produced and starred in this western about an ex-cowpuncher Dan
Kurrie, assigned to replace an aging station agent in the small Western town of Condor, refuses the
job upon discovering that he is to supplant Pop Young (Hugh Sackson), the father of his old
sweetheart Margaret (Mary Thurman). When Pop assures Dan that he has been promised another
position as manager of Joseph Garber's general store, Dan assumes his duties as station agent.
Garber (G. Raymond Nye), who has designs on Margaret, is perturbed at Dan's renewed attentions
to the girl and so manages to have his rival fired. The former cowpuncher then takes a job on Pete
Beckett's ranch, causing Margaret to believe that Dan is attracted to Beckett's daughter. After
Margaret agrees to marry Garber, Dan tries to forget his loss by riding the range. There he is
involved in a shootout with a Mexican who informs him of a train holdup. Dan rushes to the rescue
and captures the gang. Garber is then unmasked as the leader, and Margaret, a passenger on the
train, realizes that Dan is really an honorable man. According to its publicity, Sand was President
Woodrow Wilson's favorite Hart western.

Plot Synopsis is a combination of Plot Synopses from allmovie.com and afi.com
Directed & Written by: Lambert Hillyer    

Based on the short story "Dan Kurrie's Inning" by Russell A. Boggs
(publication undetermined).

William S. Hart ...  Dan Kurrie
Mary Thurman ...  Margaret Young
G. Raymond Nye ...  Joseph Garber
Patricia Palmer ...  Josie Kirkwood
Bill Patton ...  Pete Beckett
Lon Poff ...  Jim Kirkwood
Hugh Jackson ...  Pop Young
S.J. Bingham ...  The Unknown
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: William S. Hart Productions

Distributed by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Produced by: William S. Hart
Cinematography by: Joseph H. August & Dwight Warren    
Film Editing by: LeRoy Stone    
Art Direction by: Thomas A. Brierley    
Art Titles by: Ralph Warren

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 20, 1920
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