~Salt of the Earth~
~Russell Simpson, Ivan Christie, Peggy Adams & William
~Russell Simpson, William Wadsworth & Peggy Adams~
~Russell Simpson & William Wadsworth~
~Russell Simpson & William Wadsworth~
~Russell Simpson, Peggy Adams & Chester Barnett~
~Russell Simpson, William Wadsworth, Ivan Christie &
Peggy Adams~
~Russell Simpson, William Wadsworth, Ivan Christie &
Peggy Adams~
~Russell Simpson, Peggy Adams & Chester Barnett~
~Plot Synopsis~
Writer Peter B. Kyne wrote a series of stories for the Saturday Evening Post featuring a pair of
Western characters, Sinful John and Snowshoe Sam. This picture was based on one of those stories.
Marjorie Kincaid (Peggy Adams), the daughter of a prospector Pyrites Kincaid (Ivan Christie), is in
love with Wallace Hyde (Chester Barnett), the son of a crooked promoter from the East (William
Chatterton). The promoter swindles Marjorie's father, and he dies shortly afterward. She's
destroyed by her father's death, and when Wallace returns to town as the hospital doctor, she
refuses to have anything to do with him. But the girl has a pair of admirers, Sinful John (Russell
Simpson) and Snowshoe Sam (William Wadsworth), who want to help her. So they turn the tables on
the promoter and sell him a salted mine, and then hand the profits over to Marjorie as payment for
her father's loss. They also tell her that Wallace knows nothing of his father's wicked doings Marjorie
then forgives Wallace, and the lovers reunite. And the old guys head off to another part of the West.

Plot Synopsis and a combination of plot synopsis' from allmovie.com and tcm.com
Directed by: Saul Harrison    

Written by: Raymond E. Dakin

Based on a story "Salt of the Earth" by Peter B. Kyne in The Saturday
Evening Post (3 Feb 1917).

Peggy Adams ...  Marjorie Kincaid
Chester Barnett ...  Wallace Hyde
Russell Simpson ...  Sinful John
William Wadsworth ...  Snowshoe
William Chatterton ...  Brandon P. Hyde
Ivan Christy ...  Pyrites Kincaid
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Perfection Pictures for Edison Company

Distribution Company: George Kleine System

Cinematography by: Harry Squire

Length: 5 Reels
Released: December 17, 1917